Kederm III

Kederm III
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign15 February 1159 – 26 November 1197
Coronation25 February 1159
PredecessorElcmar III
SuccessorAmadar III
Died26 November 1197
IssueAmadar III
HouseHouse Zi'blika
FatherElcmar III

Kederm III (c. 1130 - 26 November 1197) was King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera from 1159 until his death. On succeeding his father, Elcmar III, he instituted the policy of consolidation which characterised his reign. In 1160 he drew back Trellin's frontiers in Bal Emrith and Pelna, which had seen border conflict since the Year of Five Kings. He constructed lines of fortifications alongside those frontiers, utilising natural boundaries to maximise his defensive position. Trellin was relatively peaceful during Kederm's reign. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Amadar III.