Origoz I

King of Trellin
Reign236 – 268 AD
PredecessorBehrod II
Dromaihyë, Trellin
Mar'theqa, Trellin
HouseHouse Dromai'i

Origoz I (190-268) was the son of Origoz, 8th Prince of Dromaihyë. He was King of Trellin from 236 to his death. He was a descendant of Stediz the Younger, whose daughter had married the Princes of Dromaihyë, and therefore a distant cousin of Behrod II Azarinë. Dromaihyë was, at the time, a client state of Trellin. On Behrod's deathbed, he named his younger cousin Origoz as successor, rather than pass the throne to one of his nephews. Origoz thereupon moved to Mar'theqa and brought his small principality into the kingdom. On his death he was succeeded by his elder son, Tedrothin.