Mokhra II

Mokhra II
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign5 June 1045 – 4 February 1047
PredecessorTovelindra II
SuccessorPalav ti'Eza
Born15 October 1002
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died4 February 1047(1047-02-04) (aged 44)
Mar'theqa, Trellin
SpouseLusilia of Kafa
HouseHouse Tiderinë
MotherTovelindra II

Mokhra II (15 October 1002-4 February 1047) was the son of Tovelindra II. He was King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera from 1045 to his death at the hands of conspirators led by Palavix of Eza, who subsequently took the throne and began the Year of Five Kings.

During the reign of his mother, Tovelindra, Mokhra came to be resented by the Zhaatarti commander Palavix for his noble birth and inheritance. The disdain was mutual; Mokhra despised most of his kingdom's military and, when he took the throne in 1045, cut the salaries of many of his commanders. A conspiracy against him followed immediately, joined by Palavix who went on to engineer Mokhra's assassination. On coming to power, Palavix took the name Palav ti'Eza, in an Ahéri style, and put to death Mokhra's wife Lusilia and their children. He also attempted to execute Princess Tyasa, the king's sister, but she fled the city. Her husband, a nobleman from Idisamo, marched on Hysera, deposed Palav and was crowned Jemeg I.