Behrod I

Behrod I
King of Trellin
Reign62 – 47 BC
Born108 BC
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died47 BC
IssuePrince Vedrin
HouseHouse Loédri'i

Behrod I (108-47 BC) was the son of Vedrin. He was King of Trellin from 62 BC until his death. He was succeeded by his second son, Dethrindos, after his elder son Prince Vedrin was left comatose following a fall from the walls of Mar'theqa.

During Behrod's reign, Trellinese merchants in the city of Durats entered into a dispute with its Hyseran governors over harbour fees. When, in February 53 BC, they were expelled from the port, the Trellinese petitioned at Behrod's court for him to seek redress. Emissaries sent out to demand access to the harbour found its great chain pulled across the entrance. Behrod responded by sending a fleet against the city, whose merchants elected to pay them off rather than face the destruction of their harbour. The outbreak of war was not so much an eruption as a slow kindling, as despite Hyser's formal declaration of war in early June both sides were reluctant to join battle. The first major engagement took place only in early 52 BC, off the coast of Tenedos. Other battles followed over the next few years, but by 49, with the inconclusive Battle of Temalain, it was all too clear that the war was a stalemate. In the subsequent peace treaty, Hysera was restricted to colonising west of the Straits of Jajich.