Lorel II

Lorel II
Queen of Trellin
Reign342 – 374 AD
PredecessorOrigoz II
SuccessorStediz III
Mar'theqa, Trellin
HouseHouse Dromai'i

Lorel II (301-374) was the daughter of Origoz II. She was Queen of Trellin from 342 to her death. She married Duke Qiëos of Marizon in 331, giving birth to two sons who both became king of Trellin: Stediz III, who succeeded Lorel and died after seven years on the throne, and Todoriq I, whose line is thereafter considered the separate House Marizonika.

In 365, the port at Tanzigar was destroyed by a hurricane which went on to kill several hundred in Alyrum and Idisamo. Lorel paid for the reconstruction of the harbour entirely with royal funds, and also helped finance rebuilding in the affected areas.