King of Trellin
Reign47 – 20 BC
PredecessorBehrod I
Born85 BC
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died20 BC
HouseHouse Loédri'i

Dethrindos (85-20 BC) was the second son of Behrod I. He was King of Trellin from 47 BC until his death. He was succeeded by his son, Q'mari.


Dethrindos was not originally destined for the throne of Trellin. His brother Vedrin was older by four years and first in line for the throne and so, while both were tutored for governance and command, Dethrindos expected only to be appointed governor over one of the coastal towns. He and his brother both fought in the brief Second Hyseran War. In 48 BC, Vedrin fell from the walls of Mar'theqa and was left badly injured and in a persistent vegetative state. When Vedrin did not recover before Behrod was on his deathbed, the king named Dethrindos his successor. Vedrin recovered unexpectedly in 46 BC, at which point Dethrindos offered to abdicate, but Vedrin proved willing to take up administration of a colony and retired to the Pelnan coast.