King of Trellin
ReignFebruary – October 166 BC
Coronation25 February
PredecessorAmadar II
SuccessorPethmil I
BornJune 224 BC
Mar'theqa, Trellin
DiedOctober 166 BC
HouseHouse Thaerinë
FatherAmadar II

Modriq (June 224-October 166 BC) was the son of Amadar II. He was the fifth King of Trellin and reigned for eight months in 166 BC until his death. The last monarch from House Thaerinë, he was succeeded by his cousin Pethmil I.

Modriq's reign was extremely brief; he inherited the throne at the age of 59, after his father died in his sleep, and spent most of his time as king waging war along the Serëtanz as part of the Great Hyseran War, as he had done while serving under his father. He remained popular in Mar'theqa despite his regular absences. On one such foray, in September 166 BC, his forces routed a Hyseran raiding party. As he pursued them into the shallows near the river bank, his horse lost its footing and he was thrown into the water, breaking his back in the process. He died a month later.