Lonaki II

Lonaki II
Emperor of Trellin
Reign141 BC – 113 BC
PredecessorPethmil I
SuccessorZerama I
Born168 BC
Died113 BC
IssueZerama I
HouseHouse Loédri'i

Lonaki II (168-113 BC) was the son of Pethmil I. He was King of Trellin from 141 BC to his death. He is the only Trellinese monarch to haven taken the title Emperor of Trellin, which he adopted in 114 BC. He was succeeded by his daughter Zerama I.

Lonaki suffered from mental illnesses, now believed to be mild schizophrenia and paranoia, from a young age. He succeeded his father after the latter's death in Iqredj, Hysera, after a group of assassins attacked Pethmil on the road. Enraged, Lonaki demanded the emperor turn over the perpetrators, and threatened Hysera with war if his demands were not met. When the assassins were handed over, he had them publicly executed in Mar'theqa. In 124 BC, a fever left him paralysed down one side, and his psychological condition worsened with bouts of insanity. Towards the end of his life he became increasingly delusional, and would regularly summon his generals together to draw up plans for war against various neighbouring states.

In 114 BC, Lonaki proclaimed himself Emperor of Trellin. He died the next year. While his successors would reject the title of emperor, this marked the beginning of the use of the phrase 'Trellinese Empire'. Shortly after his death, an urban legend developed that Lonaki had declared himself to be a god and immortal, but this was soon denied by Prince Mahireq of Qener, his aide and one of the few who had remained close to Lonaki through his insanity.