Pethmil I

Pethmil I
King of Trellin
ReignFebruary 166 – 141 BC
CoronationApril 166 BC
SuccessorLonaki II
Born203 BC
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died141 BC
Iqredj, Hysera
HouseHouse Loédri'i

Pethmil I (203-141 BC) was King of Trellin from 166 BC to his death. He was chosen to succeed the deceased king Modriq, as the closest male relative, after the heirless last ruler of House Thaerinë died after a fall from his horse. Pethmil founded House Loédri'i and, after his assassination in Iqredj, Hysera, was succeeded by his son Lonaki II.

Pethmil was, like his older cousin, a capable military commander, and before becoming king was well known for his daring raids into the Hyseran heartlands. He spent most of his reign continuing the Great Hyseran War, and signed the treaty which ended it in 148 BC. Several years later, while travelling near Iqredj, in Hysera, he was attacked and mortally wounded by a group of people whose lives had been ruined by the war. He died shortly thereafter in an inn in the town. His son, Lonaki II, succeeded him, and threatened war with Hysera until the assassins were handed over. They were executed in Mar'theqa soon after.