Lonaki I

Lonaki I
King of Trellin
Reign229 BC – 214 BC
PredecessorTemuir I
SuccessorAmadar II
Bornc. 262 BC
Died214 BC
HouseHouse Thaerinë

Lonaki I (c. 262-214 BC) was the son of Temuir I. He was King of Trellin from 229 BC to his death. He was succeeded by his son Amadar II.

According to legend, herdsmen (or scouts) witnessed a shooting star land in the western Vekra Retiqa during Lonaki's reign. Travelling to where it landed, they discovered a "crown made by the stars themselves," which they presented to Lonaki as a symbol of his divine right to rule. Some scholars present this as an euheristic retelling of the discovery of silver and a possibly cosmogenous deposit of black diamonds in the Vekra Retiqa; these materials have been used to produce each iteration of the 'sidereal crown' from which the Trellinese monarchy receives its metonym.