Stediz IV

Stediz IV
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign25 December 909 – 2 February 943
Coronation25 December 909 and 1 January 910, respectively
PredecessorRi'erha I
SuccessorKederm II
Born21 August 878
Tidera, Trellin
Died2 February 943(943-02-02) (aged 64)
IssueKederm II
HouseHouse Tiderinë
FatherDetrenon of Tidera
ReligionLadath Thaerinë

Stediz IV (21 August 878 - 2 February 943) was the second cousin of Ri'erha I and the son of Prince Detrenon of Tidera. He took the throne after Ri'erha died without naming an heir and a resulting civil war, in which Ri'erha's wife supported Stediz. After defeating his rivals, he was crowned King of Trellin on Christmas Day and Emperor of Hysera a week later, and reigned until his death. He was the first monarch to declare the thrones of Trellin and Hysera inseparable and of equal status under the single Sidereal Crown. He was succeeded by his son Kederm II.