Behrod II

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Behrod II
King of Trellin
Reign183 – 236 AD
PredecessorKarindos I
SuccessorOrigoz I
BornMartheqa, Trellin
Martheqa, Trellin
HouseHouse Azarinë

Behrod II ( -236) was the son of Karindos I. The last ruler from House Azarinë, he was King of Trellin from 183 to 236. He was succeeded by Origoz I Dromai'i, a distant cousin, whom he named heir rather than pass the crown to one of his late brother's offspring. Behrod's fifty three-year reign was the longest of any Trellinese monarch before the 13th century, and has so far been surpassed only by Iqentos III.