Amadar II

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Amadar II
King of Trellin
Reign214 – February 166 BC
Coronation214 BC
PredecessorLonaki I
Born246 BC
Martheqa, Trellin
DiedFebruary 166 BC
HouseHouse Thaerinë
FatherLonaki I

Amadar II (246-February 166 BC) was the son of Lonaki I. He was the fourth King of Trellin and reigned from 214 BC to his death. He was succeeded by his elder son Modriq, who died later the same year and was in turn succeeded by his cousin Pethmil I.

In 208, Amadar opened hostilities against the Hyseran Empire to the north with a formal declaration of war, citing a long list of grievances from the original Ethlorek settlement up to that point. The resulting conflict, against several emperors of the Second Dynasty and known as the Great Hyseran War, continued for sixty years. Amadar, a proficient military commander, achieved numerous successes against his northern neighbour at a time when they were already weakened from internal strife and border troubles. Nonetheless, a conclusive victory eluded both sides and neither was able to inflict any game-changing defeat on the other. A peace was only finally signed late in the life of King Pethmil I Loédri'i.