Karindos II

Karindos II
King of Trellin
Reign688 – 714
SuccessorLorel III
Bornc. 650
Equhama, Trellin
IssueLorel III
HouseHouse Equ'marë
FatherRoshnat of Equhama

Karindos II (c. 650-714) was the son of Roshnat of Equhama and a cousin of Iqentos I. He was educated in the royal household in Mar'theqa and, at the age of 16, was made Prince of Vedalera. Iqentos named Karindos his heir after being mortally wounded in late 687. Karindos became the first King of Trellin from House Equ'marë and reigned from 688 until his death, whereupon he was succeeded by his daughter, Lorel III.

The title of Prince of Vedalera has been associated with junior members of the monarch's household from this time.