Ri'erha II

Ri'erha II
King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera
Reign29 October 1047-29 May 1084
Coronation1 November 1047
PredecessorPethmil IV
SuccessorIqentos II
BornOctober 1011
Zihabla, Trellin
Died10 May 1084 (aged 72)
IssueIqentos II
Full name
Ri'erha Zi'blika (born Tarmüz Falaan)
HouseHouse Zi'blika
FatherAistoi of Zihabla

Ri'erha II (born Tarmüz Falaan, October 1011 - 29 May 1084) was a Trellinese general who took power during the Year of Five Kings to become King of Trellin and Emperor of Hysera from 1047 until his death. He founded the House Zi'blika, named after his birthplace and ancestral home in Zihabla, near Ka'alkë. On his death he was succeeded by his eldest son, Iqentos II.

Military career

Year of Five Kings

General Tarmüz was one of a number of commanders to rise against Jemeg I's ineffectual rule during 1047, the Year of Five Kings. He subsequently announced his support of Jemeg, however, aligning himself against his rival Pethmil of Rosnai. Pethmil captured and executed Jemeg, but was forced to abdicate less than a month later when Tarmüz arrived with his own army. As he had been a supporter of Jemeg, the last legitimate claimant to the throne, the nobles of the kingdom were willing to accept Tarmüz as their king. He was crowned on 1 November and took the regnal name Ri'erha II. The newly-crowned Ri'erha ended the conflict with Jajich which was being fought to restore the ritual tribute pledged by Tovelindra I in 803; in turn, Jajich agreed to accept Ri'erha's coronation tribute as the final repayment of Trellin's debt.


In 1050, Ri'erha introduced the Latin script to the administrations of both Trellin and Hysera. It replaced the existing Trellinese and Ahéri alphabets, and allowed him to standardise the two large and independent bureaucracies.