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Anterian Nuclear Energy Commission

Anterian Nuclear Energy Commission
Atomic peace, for all of humanity
Type:International Organisation
Established:21 August 2005
Founding Members: Kentalis
Members: Kentalis
 Mustelaria (Monte Blanco & Zhousheng)
 New Sebronia
 Canton River Delta

The Anterian Nuclear Energy Commission (ANEC) is an international organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. It is a part of the Anterian World Assembly.




ANAR Scale

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Nuclear Reactors certified by ANEC


Power station Date of Construction Amount of units Type of Reactor Net capacity(MWe) Country Location Notes
Artem Kulagin Nuclear Power Facilty 1977-1979 5 GMRK 5810 MWe  Tiskaiya Kamydar First Nuclear Power Plant made in Tiskaiya.
Estani Kilesiton Nuclear Power Plant 2014-2017 5 PWR 5780 MWe  Kistolia Kilesiton
Isrowe Nuclear Power Plant 5 GMRK 5210 MWe  Qazhshava Balicharsy The currently biggest active reactor in Qazhshava.
Vɘstom Našolil Power Plant 1979-1984 6 PWR 6200 MWe  Halsuntria Bȕḩalis It is the largest and only active power plant in Halsuntria.
J. V. Kazanvić Nuclear Power Plant 1971-1973 4 GMRK 3750 MWe  Kentalis Jeseko Unit 3 has been permanently decommissioned after the 2020 Jeseko disaster.
H. Pejakovski Nuclear Power Station 1979 5 PWR 5296 MWe  Kentalis Sanvi
Nuclear Station Khomyuk 1994-2000 4 BWR/5 5306 MWe  Kentalis Khomyuk
Kladaluk Nuclear Energy Station 2005 1 BWR/6 1207 MWe  Kentalis Kladaluk Newest power plant in Kentalis.
Konstantin Tymoshenko Nuclear Power Facility 2012-2015 4 PWR 4480 MWe  Tiskaiya Belovorzhno Newest Nuclear Power Plant in Tiskaiya, and the only one in Kolosiya Oblast.
Rujas Nuclear Power Plant 1971-1973 2 PWR 1230 MWe  Kentalis Rujas
Shkrenshian Nuclear Power Facility 1986-1988 3 PWR 2270 MWe  Tiskaiya Shkrenshian First Plant in Tiskaiya using a Pressurized Water Reactor.

Under Construction

Power station Amount of units Type of Reactor Net capacity(MWe) Country Location Notes
Zozavan Nuclear Powerplant 2 PWR 2500 MWe  Krenya Zozava Expected to be finished in 2030


Power station Date of Construction Amount of units Type of Reactor Year Decommisioned Country Location Notes
Pivilj Nuclear Energy Station 1959 2 BWR/1 1978  Kentalis Pivilj First Nuclear Power plant in Kentalis, built 30 kilometres north of Jeseko, was replaced in 1974 with the J. V. Kazanvić NPP and decommisioned in 1978.
Lægḓoller Plains Nuclear Plant 1967 3 BWR/1 1998  Halsuntria Miskanen The first reactor built in Halsuntria, it was instrumental in the development of Halsuntria's only nuclear bomb.