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Paratge de Tudela Cala Culip.jpg
Rocky coastline along the Lazarene Sea
Area43,151,915 km²
Population1,037,228,422 (2015 est.)
Countries and territoriesSee below
Languages and language familiesAzawarecha
Time zonesST−1 to ST−4:30

Conitia is a continent in Esquarium, located in the northern, southern, and western hemispheres. Most countries have a Latin culture, especially those surrounding the Lazarene Sea. This heritage can be traced back to the Latin Republic, which originated in present-day COUNTRY and eventually spread throughout the continent.

Conitia is the birthplace of modern-day association football. Conitian national football teams compete in FECOFA, which hosts the continent's regional cup, the FECOFA Championship.


Countries and territories

Country Area km² Population (2016) HDI (2016) Capital
 Ainin 533,610 128,396,437 0.885 Huimont
 Karazawa 90,755,833 0.620 Zacapatu
 Mespalia 35,265,835 0.897 Iouzzene
 Ordennya 40,000,000 0.836 Chronohavre
 Ravetia 23,547,551 0.9 Varvz-Evonia