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Conìxia (Montecaran)
Paratge de Tudela Cala Culip.jpg
Rocky coastline along the Lazarene Sea
Area43,151,915 km²
Population1,037,228,422 (2015 est.)
Countries and territoriesSee below
Languages and language familiesAzawarecha
Time zonesST−1 to ST−4:30

Conitia is a continent in Esquarium, located in the northern, southern, and western hemispheres. Most countries have a Latin culture, especially those surrounding the Lazarene Sea. This heritage can be traced back to the Latin Republic, which originated in present-day COUNTRY and eventually spread throughout the continent.

Conitia is the birthplace of modern-day association football. Conitian national football teams compete in FECOFA, which hosts the continent's regional cup, the FECOFA Championship.


Countries and territories

Country Area km² Population (2016) HDI (2016) Capital
 Ainin 533,610 128,396,437 0.885 Huimont
 Karazawa 90,755,833 0.620 Zacapatu
 Mespalia 35,265,835 0.897 Iouzzene
 Montecara 851 1,751,643 0.924 Montecara
 Ordennya 40,000,000 0.836 Chronohavre
 Ravetia 23,547,551 0.9 Varvz-Evonia