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Global Alliance of Trade Unions

Global Alliance of Trade Unions
Members110 million
Key peopleGeneral Secretary TBA, Deputy General Secretary TBA
Office locationTBA

The Global Alliance of Trade Unions is a global union federation in Esquarium. It was formed in 1945 to unite the various national trade union centres throughout Esquarium and to coordinate their activities.

In addition to being a confederation of national trade union centres, the GATU also accepts independent unions not affiliated with national trade union centres. The GATU represents over 110 million workers via the national trade union centres and unions affiliated with it.

Unlike some of its affiliated national trade union centres and unions, which have expressed political beliefs or have ties to political parties, the GATU is strictly apolitical (although the GATU Constitution bans company unions from joining) and does not have ties to any political organisations or express political or religious beliefs, except in cases of laws regarding trade unions. The GATU does campaign, however, for laws more favourable to trade unions.

The GATU holds an annual conference of trade union leaders on the first workday after International Workers' Day, May 1.


Please add unions in order of number of members (that is, the unions with the greatest amount of members will go first, and so on)

Union Country Members Percentage of workforce in union
Guild of Farmers, Fishers and Laborers  Min 8,788,236 22.4%