Community markets (Gylias)

A community market in Narsiad, Herlan, 2007

Community markets (French: marchés communautaires) are periodic, anarchist markets organised in Gylias. They form part of a national network of collaborative consumption and recirculation, playing a significant role in Gylian society and the economy.


Community markets appeared in the Free Territories. They were a manifestation of the system of voluntary exchanges developed by the anarchist economy — which Iana Rynai called "emancipated markets" (marchés emancipés) to avoid the capitalist connotations of "free market".

The community markets continued to exist and were regularised during the transition from the Free Territories to Gylias. Today they remain a notable and distinctive aspect of Gylian life.


Community markets are non-monetary, horizontally-organised collectives. They function on the basis of gift economy, barter, and sharing. Participants bring unneeded items and food, as well as skills, talents, and knowledge, which are shared, exchanged, and bartered.

Community markets can be organised anywhere and anytime. It is common for Friday to be used as a market day. Specific subsets of community markets based on time of organisation include dawn markets, night markets, and weekend markets.

Community markets are known for their colourful, bazaar-like atmosphere and spirit of fun. Some community markets, particularly those organised by social centres and communes, have a more explicitly political presentation.

Community markets coexist with and complement permanent markets.

Political relevance

Several political parties have emphasised their support of community markets, with different rationales. The Urban Movement emphasises community markets' role in the success of Gylias' diverse culture and urban quality of life; the People Power-Citizens' Movement sees them as a successful example of practical anarchist experience.