General Council of Workers' Unions and Associations

The General Council of Workers' Unions and Associations (French: Conseil Général des Syndicats et Conseils Ouvrieres), abbreviated GCWUA (CGSCO), is the national trade union centre of Gylias.

It was established in 1938 in the Free Territories, as a confederation of existing workers' councils, trade unions, and village committees. It expanded with the Free Territories and remains Gylias' largest and most influential workers' organisation.

The GCWUA is a confederation of all trade unions and workers' associations in Gylias. It represents all Gylian workers. As all companies are legally cooperatives, and enrollment in a trade union is automatic on beginning employment, Gylias is the only country in Tyran to have a 100% unionisation rate.

The GCWUA coordinates collective bargaining and concludes collective agreements, oversees the maintenance of workers' self-management, participates in decentralised planning, and coordinates the organisation of union services — including counseling, education, sport clubs, libraries, festivals, artistic societies, and newspapers. It is a major stakeholder in The Social Times.

It is strongly influenced by anarchism and its overall character is anarcho-syndicalist. It follows the principle of One Big Union.