Scouting in Gylias

Scouting in Gylias is a popular activity and part of the country's extensive civil society. There are many scouting organisations in Gylias, which are federated into 20 regional organisations, which are in turn federated into the Scouting Confederation of Gylias (French reformed: Conféderation d'éclairisme Gylienne).


Scouting started among Gylians during the early 20th century. The first scouting organisations were set up in Alscia in 1910. The movement gained popularity among Gylians as an outgrowth of the Gylian ascendancy, and was influenced by the spread of radical ideologies among Gylians during the period. Notably, it had a secular character from the start.

Scouting experienced significant development in the Free Territories, as part of their cultural and social revolution. It was part of the flourishing social networks that developed, including "back-to-nature" movements and sport. The establishment of the Revolutionary Youth Union created a pioneer movement in the Free Territories, allowing scouting to remain non-political.

The Scouting Confederation of Gylias was established in 1958.

Program and ideals

The SCG is non-political, non-sectarian, and multilingual, using English and French as common working languages.

The program is based on the Scout method adapted to the anarchist ideals of public education. Emphasis is on self-directed learning and horizontal organisation. Scouting organisations are gender-integrated.

Notably, the first point of the Scout Promise is altered to "I will do my duty to my community", and the Scout Law is modified to de-emphasise following orders.


Gylian scouts are involved in a variety of volunteering, social services, relief, educational, and artistic activities.

The SCG is active in international scouting.


The SCG has around 1,6 million members as of 2018.