House of Ahnern

House of Ahnern
Haus Ahnern
Royal dynasty
Coat of arms of the Ahnern kings of Mascylla
CountryMascylla, Svaldheim
Founded1459 (1459)
FounderLudwig, Count of Ahnern
Current headDorothea I of Mascylla
Estate(s)Mascylla, Adwhin, Svaldheim, Ragucin Empire
DepositionSvaldheim, 1917: monarchy abolished
Cadet branchesMascylla
  • House of Ahnern-Shwesia
  • House of Ahnern-Konreid
  • House of Ahnern-Lensrau
  • House of Ahnern-Marlburg
  • House of Ahnern-Vogtburg
  • House of Welsbach


  • House of Ahnern-Klesvig

The House of Ahnern (Hesurian: X is an Erdaran royal house and dynasty of Mascyllary origin and currently reigning as Kings of Mascylla. As a rather influential royal house they have integrated into other countries' monarchies, such as Lavaria and Svaldheim, the latter of which having been ruled briefly by the cadet branch of the House of Ahnern-Klesvig; it was deposed however a year later. The monarchies of Lavaria and Mascylla today maintain close relationships, frequently intermarrying one another for their common ancestry. Since the War of the Five Kings and the foundation of Mascylla, the House of Ahnern has been it's ruling dynasty, producing nine monarchs.