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Latin Union

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Latin Union
MottoLux Aeterna
(Latin: "Eternal Light")
TypeSupranational organization
PurposePromotion of Romance culture and languages
HeadquartersWéppy, Oelia
Region served
Main organ
General Congress

The Latin Union is a supranational organisation in Esquarium dedicated to promoting and preserving the common Latin heritage and culture of Romance-speaking nations and regions. The Union promotes the use and teaching of Romance languages throughout Esquarium and cultural exchange programs between Romance-speaking countries and regions.

Membership in the Latin Union is open to any state that meets the criteria set out in the Charter of the Latin Union.

  • Official Latin-derived language on the national level
  • Latin-derived language commonly used in education and in mass media or daily life
  • Significant literature in a Latin-derived language
  • Widespread press and publication in a Latin-derived language
  • Radio and television widely broadcast in a Latin-derived language
  • Cultural education of Latin-derived foreign languages
  • Exchange programmes with other Latin countries

Nations that have a significant Romance-speaking population but do not otherwise meet the criteria set out in the Charter are able to participate as observers. Observers have speaking, but not voting, rights in Union institutions and may participate in the Union’s cultural programs.


The main body of the Latin Union is the General Congress, composed of delegates from each of the member-states. Meeting every two years in one of the Union’s member-states, the Congress is empowered to adopt the budget and define the goals and formal policies of the Union, alongside receiving new members. The Congress is led by the Convenor, who presides over the Congress and sets the agenda of the meeting. Day-to-day operations are handled by a Secretariat based at the organization's headquarters.


Member States

Member State Official languages
 Ainin French
 Desena Desenan
 Luziyca Azena, Lombardian, Luziycan, Namorese