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Organisation of Nautasian Unity

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Organisation de l'unité notasienne (French)
منظمة الوحدة الجنوبية (Arabic)
Organisation of Nautasian Unity
Motto: Peace and Progress for All
Administrative centreSt. Martin
Official languagesFrench, Arabic, Swahili
TypeContinental union
• Secretary-General
Hadi al-Moussawi
• Commissioner
Augustus Otieno
• President of the Assembly
Saleh Jaber
LegislatureAssembly of the ONU
Establishment11 June 2000
5 August 1998
11 December 2008
• 2016 estimate

The Organisation of Nautasian Unity is a continental union for the nations of the continent of Nautasia, working for peace, development and independence in the greater region. Its stated goals are the preservation of peace in the continent, the protection and promotion of regional and national heritage, and the support for strong Nautasian nations free of foreign intervention.

The organisation was founded through the Treaty of Qufeira signed on 5 August 1998 by the foreign ministers of the original members in Qufeira, Irvadistan. The treaty came into force on 11 June 2000 and led to the formal establishment of the group. It was originally designed as a working group for the nations of the continent to assemble and find solutions to issues they all face, but the signing of the Freedomtown Accord on 11 December 2008 expanded the organisation to include a permanent executive and established a legislature, turning it into a true union.

The secretariat is located in St. Martin, capital of East Nautarya.





The Secretariat of the Organisation of Nautasian Unity handles the day to day operations of the organisation and sets policy. It is led by the Secretary-General. The office largely concerns itself with issuing statements on issues, acting as a liaison between member-states, and coordinating the operations of the Organsation. The Secretariat however lacks formal powers over the Assembly and Commission, despite being the nominal head of ONU, the Secretary-General can in no way impede or interfere with the legislative process of the Assembly or the decisions made by the Commission.

The current Secretary-General is Hadi al-Moussawi of West Nautarya.


The Commission of the Organisation of Nautasian Unity is a body that consists of a delegate from every member-state. It is responsible for member admissions and has the power to authorise spending by the group and handles cultural, educational and military programs that are under the responsibility of the ONU.

The current Commissioner is ?.


The Assembly of the Organisation of Nautasian Unity is the legislature of the group and consists of 290 delegates elected from all member-states by an electoral college that distributes the seats in the body according to states' population, this generally done by appointing a number of delegates in line with a member state's population via percentage. The Assembly can pass resolutions concerning any issue in member-states relevant to the goals and charter of the Organisation.

The nature of how individual nations appoint their delegates varies, with countries like Irvadistan and Ankoren directly appointing their delegates from their respective ruling parties, whilst countries like Pisdara and Magane select their delegates through direct-elections.

The Assembly enjoys legislative initiative, however it lacks control over ONU's budget which is handled by the Comission. Finally, the ONU Commission, the executive body of ONU, is accountable to the Assembly. In particular, the Assembly elects the President of the Commission and its delegates, and approves (or rejects) the appointment of the Commission as a whole. It can subsequently force the Commission as a body to resign by adopting a motion of censure.

The Assembly is presided upon by the President of the Assembly, currently Saleh Jaber of Kraq.

Member state Percentage of ONU population Number of assembly members
Template:Country data Ankoren 35.6% 88
Template:Country data East Nautarya 18% 45
Template:Country data Irvadistan 9.4% 22
Template:Country data Jeziriya 14.9% 37
Template:Country data Kraq 13.1% 32
Template:Country data Magane 2.7% 3
Template:Country data Pisdara 0.01% 1
Template:Country data Samchania 11.3% 22
22px West Nautarya 8.51% 21


Member-states are admitted by a two-thirds majority vote of the Commission of the Organisation of Nautasian Unity.

Current members

Member state Date joined Population
Template:Country data Irvadistan 11 June 2000 23,752,000
Template:Country data Kraq 11 June 2000 33,004,552
Template:Country data Jeziriya 11 June 2000 37,552,998
Template:Country data Magane 11 June 2000 6,810,000
Template:Country data Samchania 11 June 2000 28,442,293
Template:Country data East Nautarya 11 February 2014 45,600,000
22px West Nautarya 11 February 2014 21,340,000
Template:Country data Ankoren 17 August 2016 89,320,600
Template:Country data Pisdara 17 August 2016 28,234

Former members

Member state Date joined Date left Reason
22px Nautarya 11 June 2000 11 February 2014 Dissolution of Nautarya