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Nerean Sea

River sourcesRiver Suran
Basin countries Champenia
 Desenan Republic
Template:Country data Hagieria and Agrilan
IslandsCenari, Island of Montecara, Matrise, Valeni Islands

The Nerean Sea is a body of water in Esquarium that opens to the Central Ocean. Located in southeastern Conitia, it is the center of Latin civilization and has been central to human life in the region for millennia.


The extent of the sea is defined as stretching from the southeastern tip of the Desenan region of Ondor along the shortest line to the opposite shore in Champenia.


The Nerean Sea is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life ranging from single-celled bacterioplankton to megafauna such as the giant mola, sperm whale, and whale shark. Its population of coral, once the world's richest, is currently under severe threat.