Commonwealth of Vescarium

Prolaetirm Vuescaeri
Flag of Vescarium
Anthem: Vues Caerrus
CapitalVescarium Vurbaes
Largest cityCapital
Official languagesIestine, Plagyor
Recognised national languagesIoctocanes
Ethnic groups
Iestine 42.2%, Plagyoras 37.3%, Riyaki 11.1%, Ioctocan 9.4%
Demonym(s)Vescarian, Vescarine
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
• Minister of the Assemblies
Lajos Liegya
• Chancellor of the Constituency
Constaeus Auvellos
LegislatureThe Assemblies of the People
Popular High Assembly
Popular Constituent Assembly
• Foreign Settlement in the Vues Desert and Suepes Ver Plains
c. 1350 AD
• Political Unification
May 7, 1877
• June 11, 1946
Beginning of the Great Secession War
• End of the Great Secession War
November 25, 1952
• 2017 estimate
• 2019 census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyVescarine Lira (VCL)
Time zoneUTC-7 (Vescarium Vurbaes Time (VVT))
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.vv

The Commonwealth of Vescarium is a country located in the region of Anteria. Vescarium is mostly landlocked, though it controls a small corridor to the sea. It is bordered by Rvandonia to the north, Kiyortza to the west, Fichmanistan to the south and Shadoveil to the east and southeast. It is composed of twelve administrative regions known as 'Reus Poblas', or Republics. The nation's capital city if Vescarium Vurbaes, which lies in the southwest of the country near the Fichmanistani and Kiyortzan borders. Vescarium is a diverse nation both ethnically and linguistically, hailing to the variety of ethnic groups of it's neighbors and the influence of foreign settlement in it's modern territories. Urban centers are concentrated along the country's natural rivers, man-made canals, or near deposits of rare resources such as diamonds.

Vescarium has been inhabited for thousands of years, though no clear evidence as to when the first settlers of the Ioctocanes, the native people of the Vues Desert and the plains north of it, first arrived in Vescarian territory. The borderlands of the southwest, northwest and northeast, being much more forgiving climates, had historically seen settlements of the other major ethnic groups in Vescarium; the Iestine in the southwest, the Riyaki near the mountainous western border with Kiyortza, and the Plagyoras in the north near their ethnic cousins. However, it was not until the mid-14th century that these borderland settlers, most of which were frontiersmen and migrants from the surrounding established states, began to settle further and further on Ioctocan territory, leading to various wars between local petty kingdoms and these new, foreign states over the precious resources of the deserts and plains. For hundreds of years these states would be in flux, with the Duchy (and later Republic) of Vescarium controlling what is now the nation's capital.

The Commonwealth of Vescarium was not officially unified under one political entity until 1877, when the Republic of Vescarium was able to peacefully unify the disparate states of the region, being that the nations around them were stronger and could invade and revoke the sovereignty of these states under their banners, which the small kingdoms and republics could not allow, instead submitting to a democratic Commonwealth of local states with significant autonomy at first, though this would slowly be restricted up until the 1946 Great Secession War.


The term 'Vescarium' was first used to describe the city of the same name. 'Ves' in this context is in reference to the Vues Desert, of which 'Vues' means 'crossroads', due to it's location between major regional powers. 'Car' is Iestine for '[positioned] at,' with 'ium' being a general suffix for cities and towns. Thus, 'Vescarium' means roughly 'City at the Crossroads' in Iestine, alluding to it's strategic location between the Vues Desert and the states of Fichmanistan and Kiyortza.


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Early Settlement

Arrival of Foreign Settlers

The 'Disunion Period'


Early Commonwealth

The Great Secession War

Post-War Commonwealth

South Canal Crisis

Modern Vescarium


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