List of abolished monarchies (Aeia)

Country Former Name Last Monarch Year Royal Standard Annotations
 Ajerrin Lahui Kingdom King Likoka 1941-1997


In 1941 a coup by Chief Likoka of the Lahu'i Tribe led to the establishment of the Lahu'i Kingdom. Chief Kikota was seen as an absolute dictator and tyrant. The absolutist Lahu'i State lasted until 1997, when a civil war broke out between the pro Lahu'i government and the Federation forces led by the Ajerr'i, Wai Apo and Wilele kingdoms.
 Crylante Principality of Crylante Princess Liana III 1941 Crylante Flag.png Elective monarchy abolished after political impasse; succeeded by the Crylantian Federation.
 Cuirpthe Kingdom of Cuirpthe King Murdoch II 1900 CuirptheKingFlag.png Dismantled following the end of the Great War and resulting peace treaties. The king was forced to abdicate, and his family retired to their home at Narraghmore.
 Midrasia Kingdom of Midrasia Henry V (official)
Charles IV (disputed)
1642 MDRKingdomflag.png Monarchy was overthrown during the Midrasian Civil War in 1642 following the execution of Henry V. The monarchy was briefly restored in 1879 under Charles IV for a period of 2 weeks, although this was disputed by the government at the time. The Midrasian royal family current lives in exile in Ardaima. The current pretender to the Midrasian throne is Eleanor, Duchess of Giozzara.
 Navack Kingdom of Navack King Morten IV 1921 150px The monarchy fled to Esrehet in 1921 after the Republican Revolution, a violent conflict against the Navish Royal Forces and the Army/People. After the end of the monarchy, the territories of Salborga, Lilleholm, and Åndalsand returned to the Navish Soverignity as federative states again (former provinces that declared independence after the Great War), while Esrehet gained independence as the sole remaining realm under the rule of the Holbergs.
 South Misai Kingdom of Misai Great Daimyo Katsuhisa Shigenori 1919 Flag of North Misai.png The monarchy was abolished during the Ebiwan Revolution but continues to exist in North Misai.