List of countries (Aeia)

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Many nations have come to claim their own corners of the planet. Below is a list of all sovereign states whose borders and governments are currently recognized by at least most, if not all, other governing bodies on the planet. The list below also includes each nation's capital (usually a single city within a nation from which its a majority of its governing institutions are usually based), its current form of government (the manner/style in which the country's affairs are managed and overseen), and its population (the total sum of all the individuals living permanently in the country, most commonly based upon who's allowed to participate in government).

Short and formal names Capital city/area Population Form of government
 Ajerrin – Kingdom of Ajerrin New Hope 33,338,000 Constitutional Monarchy
 Aleia – Inostranic Kingdom Oralienborg 28,206,690 Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
 Aramas – Alydian Republic of Aramas Sannat 32,008,432 Authoritarian Republic
 Brilliania – Republic of Brilliania Hegoalde 16,518,815 Democratic Republic
 Crylante - Federation of Crylante Nebligen 3,182,173 Democratic Republic
 Chokashia - Chokash Solidarist Republic Vorsha 17,821,971 One-Party State
 Cuirpthe – Cuirpthean Republic Ballinluska 34,245,102 Democratic Republic
 Goulong – Republic of Goulong Yilan 51,649,000 Democratic Republic
 Isolaprugna – Commonwealth of Isolaprugna Costapunente 3,102,000 Democratic Republic
 Liiduria – Liidurian Republic Idalinne 17,394,821 Democratic Republic
 Midrasia – Republic of Midrasia Lotric 127,004,562 Democratic Republic
 Navack – United Republic of Navack Berke 15,700,000 Democratic Republic
 Newrey – Unified Kingdoms of Newrey Cyningburgh 61,492,021 Constitutional Monarchy
 North Misai – Kingdom of Misai Inishiro 19,929,922 Constitutional Monarchy
 Ovandera – Commonwealth of Ovandera Vannerr 95,834,793 Communist Republic
 The Fratellians – The Council of the Fratelli Islands Sbarco Del Re 1,457,211 Federation of Anarchist Communes
 Timarbia - Republic of Timarbia Minnara 11,475,640 Democratic Republic
 Transcandar – State of Transcandar Sinop 64,451,120 Theocratic-Republic
 Veleaz – The People's State of Veleaz Tolvas 62,123,948 Communist Dictatorship
 Vidoria – Confederacy Of Vidoria Aljuá 30,543,234 Democratic Republic
 Vvarden – Restored Oligarchic Senate of Vvarden Zoroshthurvan 81,912,369 Democratic Republic

Disputed and non-recognized states

Some nations have been the subject of controversy as other nations have either questioned their sovereignty (the right to self-governance) or the legitimacy of the government (the validity of the government's claim to rule). Below is a list of such nations:

Former states

Many nation-states have existed throughout human history, most of which have ceased to exist for a variety reasons such as the lack of needed resources to sustain its population or external threats. Below is a list of such nations:

Former state Descendants Approximate territories Date of and cause of collapse
Federation of Socialist Republics Federation of Socialist Republics  Veleaz Eastern Asura and Catai 1981, Dissolution following the ASU Civil War
UKLhedwin.pngUnited Kingdom of Lhedwin Template:Country data Andmark,  Crylante,  Navack,  Torland Lhedwin 1900, Division following the Great War

Ancient civilizations

Some states existed during periods of time so far in the past that, by conventional definitions, "nation" does not apply either due to their governing or social structure or because of their permanent settlement, or lack their off (i.e. nomadic peoples). Said states are generally referred to as ancient civilizations, or occasionally proto-civilizations. Below are such states:

Former state Descendants Approximate territories Date of and cause of collapse
Flag of Greek Macedonia.svgFiorentine Empire  Atresca,  Midrasia,  Veleaz,  Aramas Asura, Western Catai and Northern Arabekh 694 BCE - 401 CE