Cuernos del Paine from Lake Pehoé.jpg
Saint Charles mountains in Renneque
Area9,002,468 km²
Countries and territories Aiyaca
Languages and language familiesMidrasian
Nominal GDPTBD
GDP per capitaTBD
Time zonesUTC-2 to UTC -6
Capital citiesRenneque Rehue

Rennekka is a continent within the Southern hemisphere of Aeia, home to a multitude of cultures, with Asuran colonial cultures mostly present on the continent's eastern and northern coasts, whilst traditional native Rennekkan cultures continue to dominate much of the south and centre of the continent. Compared with Vestrim, the other continent to undergo major Asuran colonisation, Rennekka has a much lower population due to a number of factors, though primarily due to poorer soil yields and the presence of uninhabitable terrains such as vast deserts and rainforests. Despite this, in recent years, Rennekka has began to climb in international prominence due to the discovery of oil off of the southern coast, bringing in investment and driving up local living standards.