Aeian Environment

Aeian Environment Agency
Aeian Environment
Ka Honua Aeian
Logo of the AEA
AbbreviationAEA, AE, KHA
FoundersDr. Janus Fess of Carcossica
Dr. Alain Furuike of Ajerrin
Dr. Siti Aribah of Indragiri
of New Timeria,
Dr. Karin Noss of Navack
Founded atJisthavefan, Carcossica
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersNew Hope, Ajerrin
Dr. Janus Fess

The Aeian Environment Agency (Aeian Environment) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development across Aeia, and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.

Our mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.


The Savaian Environmental Agency was founded in 2017, after the nations of Savai created an environmental pact called the The Treaty of Neighbors as a way to promote international cooperation in protecting the environment. After the formation of the Agency, there was a public outcry from nations throughout the Aeia to expand the Agency from a regional organization to an international organization. In November 2017, representatives from nations all over Aeia gathered in Carcossica to discuss a framework that would create the organization known today as the Aeian Environment Agency, also known as Aeian Environment. The Aeian Environmental Accords were signed by the first member states Ajerrin, Carcossica, Indragiri, and Navack, and New Timeria in November of 2017. In December of the same year the Ajerrin government donated land to the AEA to establish a headquarters. The first Director-General was chosen in the first meeting of the Assembly in the new headquarters.


The AEA is lead by a Director-General who leads the organization in its day to day actions. The Director-General answers to the Aeian Environment Assembly, which is made up of delegations from each of the member states, and is the supreme legislative body of the organization. The assembly generally meets once a year to discuss issues facing the world and to vote on matters before them. Delegations to the assembly often work out of member state's consulates to Ajerrin in the capital city of New Hope.


Membership is open to open to any nation approved by the Aeian Environment Agency. By agreeing to become a member the nation becomes a signatory to the Aeian Environmental Accords which govern the organization and outline the nation's role and responsibilities. Members send a delegation to the Aeian Environment Assembly in New Hope, Ajerrin. This often leads to diplomatically awkward situations where delegations from governments not recognized by Ajerrin have diplomats and offices in New Hope.

AEA Membership
Round of Entry Nation(s) Year
Founding Member States Ajerrin Ajerrin
Template:Country data Carcossica Carcossica
Indragiri Indragiri
Navack Navack
Template:Country data New Timeria New Timeria
Signatory Member States  Ardaima
Mascylla Mascylla
Template:Country data Songdang Songdang


The organization employs around 300 people around the world.


The AEA is lead by the Director-General who must be nominated by a member nation and then voted on by the Aeian Environment Assembly. Though there is no official term limit it has become tradition on similar organizations that a Director-General serve for a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 years.

Director-Generals of AEA
Name Years of Tenure
Template:Country data Carcossica Dr. Jan Fess 2017 - present

Regional Offices

The AEA opened regional offices to better deal with the environmental issues affecting specific regions of Aeia. Each region has a regional committee that meets to discuss issues facing the region generally once a year. Each office is lead by a regional director who picked by members of the region.

Regional Offices
Region Headquarters Notes
Rennekka-Frigidarum Template:Country data TBD City, TBD Covers the entirety of the continents of Rennekka and Frigidarum. The current Regional Director is TBD from TBD.
Asura-Lhedwin Navack Zenvarr, Navack Covers all of the continent Asura and Lhedwin. The current Regional Director is Karin Noss from Navack.
Vestrim Mascylla Abaquey, Tainoa, Mascylla Covers all of Vestrim and all the islands north of the equator excluding New Krieslen. The current Regional Director is Cley Xemaca from Tainoa.
Catai Template:Country data TBD City, TBD Covers all of Catai. The current Regional Director is TBD from TBD.
Savai Ajerrin New Hope, Ajerrin Covers all of Savai. The current Regional Director is Dr. Alain Furuike of Ajerrin
Arabekh Template:Country data Carcossica Jisthavefan, The Babaranes,Carcossica Covers all of Arabekh. The current Regional Director is Dr. Ariana Teoigoive from Carcossica.
Majula Template:Country data TBD City, TBD Covers all of Majula. The current Regional Director is TBD from TBD.


AEA Segments
Committee Headquarters Offices/Programs/Conferences/ Notes
Climate Change Template:Country data TBD City, TBD TBA 4
Disasters & Conflicts Template:Country data TBD City, TBD TBA 4
Ecosystem Management Template:Country data TBD City, TBD TBA 4
Environmental Governance Template:Country data TBD City, TBD TBA 4
Chemicals & Waste Template:Country data TBD City, TBD TBA 4
Environmental Review Template:Country data TBD City, TBD TBA 4


The most notable symbol of the AEA is the blue rectangle and blue AEA letters on a white background. The white is the international symbol of peace and the blue represents the water that surrounds Aeia.