Aeian Community

Aeian Community
MottoUnited as One
PredecessorAsuran Economic Community
FormationSeptember 13, 2000; 19 years ago (2000-09-13)
Founded atBerghelling, Midrasia
Legal statusActive
PurposePolitical and economic cooperation among members
HeadquartersBerghelling, Midrasia
Main organ
Aeian Parliament
Parent organization
Commonwealth of Democratic Nations
AffiliationsTemplate:Country data Lhedwinic Council
Drago Entente
Budget (2017)
$100 billion

The Aeian Community is the domestic branch of the Commonwealth of Democratic Nations. It is lead by the Aeian Parliament and is made up of the various political, economic, legal, and cultural organizations created by the parliament. The Aeian Community was once known as the Asuran Economic Community and changed its name upon merging with the Drago Entente to become part of the Commonwealth in 2000. The Aeian Community's goal is to bring together members politically and economically in order to enrich Aeia and increase the prosperity of all members.


Efforts to disincentive war between Asuran states also took place throughout the 1950s, with the development of the Asuran Coal and Steel Union in 1957, this would later develop into the Asuran Economic Community in 1972 with the integration of other organisations such as ASURATOM and the development of a common market. The economic benefits of this agreement drew in a number of new states seeking to benefit from the favourable economic ties, with the Arzvan Republic, Glanodel, Midrasia, Navack and Vrnallia all joining in subsequent years.

Due to an overlap in membership and similar goals and objectives between both the Economic Community and Drago Entente, negotiations opened to merge the two organizations together. Although a long and arduous process which faced considerable opposition in a number of states, an agreement was finally hashed out in November 1998 in the city of Berghelling. The new organisation would merge both the Drago Entente and Asuran Economic Community, whilst also expanding its remit beyond Asura and creating a supranational parliament and supreme court capable of drafting and enforcing legislation on economic and social matters. In September 2000, the Treaty of Berghelling was ratified by all existing members of both the Entente and Economic Community, giving rise to the Commonwealth of Democratic Nations.

In the following years, the Commonwealth expanded its borders, both in Asura and overseas, with Ajerrin, Crylante, Elhazia, Isolaprugna, Leiden, and the Mardin Isles soon joining the organisation either as full members or observer states. Since its foundation in 2000, the Commonwealth has also seen considerable developments, with the single-market developing a number of worldwide trade deals, the development of a joint space-project and the creation of a number of global task forces to deal with issues such as piracy and terrorism.


The combined population of the members of the Aeian Community is around 541 million. This makes the Aeian Community one of the largest political entities by population in Aeia. There is a wide variety of languages that are spoken within the Community, Midrasian, Newrayen, and Atrescan being widely spoken. Today, most of the business of the Community is done in Midrasian, though the languages of each member state are considered official languages of the Commonwealth. The member states and observers of the Community are spread over several continents including, Vestrim, Asura, Catai, Savai, and Arabekh.



Main article: Aeian Parliament

The politics of the Aeian Community is carried out by the Aeian Parliament which is made up of two chambers. The upper chamber is the Aeian Council which is comprised of the head of government of each member or their appointed representative. The Council is led by a President which is rotated yearly among the members. The lower house in the Aeian Parliament is the Aeian Assembly which is made up of delegates. These delegates are elected by the citizens of each country and the amount of delegates is determined by the population of the member state. Elections for delegates take place every to years.


There is a Supreme Court of the Aeian Community which is capable of settling disputes between member states.


The Aeian Community has many joint projects aimed at increasing economic opportunity for its citizens and increasing the prosperity of member nations.

Single Market

The Aeian Community Single Market (ACSM) is the largest economic market in Aeia. The market accounts for trillions in trade and is one of the largest consumer goods market in the world. Trade moves across the borders of the Aeian Community freely with reduced waited times for inspections and no tariffs. The people of the Community can enter other Community nations freely and engage in tourism, commerce, and educational and work experiences.

Single Currency Proposal

The idea of a shared currency for the members of the Aeian Community has been floated since at least the 1980s. While there is some support for the idea among economists and academics, most member state governments are opposed to the idea. Additionally polls taken in various countries over the years show that the support for a shared currency among the people of the Community is low.


The Aeian Community has several projects in place that seek to unite the members in various aspects of law.

Embassy Commitments

Every member of the Aeian Community allows other Community citizens to make use of their embassies abroad in times of trouble. Citizens of the Community can expect to be treated equally and fairly in another Community member's embassy. All member state passports have the words "Commonwealth of Democratic Nations" on them to show that the bearer of the passport is also a citizen of the Commonwealth.

Law Enforcement

Members of the Aeian Community enjoy a special law enforcement relationship. Members are expected to cooperate in apprehending criminals who are fleeing justice and in taking down criminal organizations operating over borders. A special system has been created that all member law enforcement organizations will have access to that will allow the sharing of information quickly and efficiently.

Education & Science

The Aeian Community in an effort to foster better relations among members has a series of initiatives and organizations that revolve around education and science. The Aeian Parliament creates and funds these programs.

Aeian University Exchange

The Aeian University Exchange program is an agreement among members to allow students, professors, and other academics to study, research, and make use of universities from across the Commonwealth. Visa free travel and stays for this group of Commonwealth citizens allows for an easier exchange of ideas and information. Funding for language classes allows for students and professors to learn a language of a nation within the Community for little or no cost.

Frigidarum Research

The Frigidarum Entente Collaborative Knowledge Research Station, or FECKRS was originally established as part of the Drago Entente shortly after Navack became a member of the alliance, however the research project was transferred to the control of the Community after the merge. The research base is a joint project among all the members. Researcher and scientists from universities and government organizations from across the Community operate in at the facility. The base is located on the coast of the continent and can be accessed by special ship and, weather permitting, by plane.

The areas of research being looked into at the base include geology, biology, oceanography, climatology, meteorology, astronomy, glaciology, seismology, and environmental observations.

Space Program

Main article: Asura-Arabekh Aerospace Agency

The Aeian Community provides funding and technical assistance to the Asura-Arabekh Aerospace Agency of which many member states are participating. The goal of the space program is to explore the Galios System and ensure the interests of the people of Aeia in space. The agency was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Aizean, Cuirpthe.