List of spoken languages (Aeia)

Aeia is a diverse planet with many different cultures and ethnic groups. Most of these groups and cultures speak different languages. Below is a list of languages spoken in Aeia.

Nations should only be listed if the language is an official language of the nation, a recognized language of the nation, or if a sizable population speaks the language. Languages are listed alphabetically as are the nations. The estimated number of speakers is a rough estimate of the number of people across Aeia.

List of Languages

Language Nations it is used Estimated number of speakers
including dialects
30 million
Alemannic Languages
(including dialects)
 [[|]] ? million
Atrescan  Atresca
 The Fratellians
67 million
Brillian  Brilliania 24 million
Fratellian Creole  The Fratellians 1.2 Million
(sometimes called Asuro-Lhedwinic)
3 million
including dialects
? million
(including dialects)
 The Mawusi
200 million
Nausikaan  Crylante (Nausikaa) 700 thousand
Newreyan  Aleia
65 million
Paithwaidh Languages
(including dialects)
 Cuirpthe ? million
Transcandarian  Transcandar 10 million
Åndalsi  Navack 400 thousand