Rinca Island.jpg
Tepa Island off the coast of Indragiri
Population358,750,000 (2018)
Countries and territories Agarntrop
Languages and language familiesArday
Nominal GDPTBD
GDP per capitaTBD
Time zonesUTC+6 to UTC +9
Capital citiesAgarntrop Agarntrop City
Ajerrin New Hope
Indragiri Ambarawa
Kealakekua Ke'oke'o
Kelenoa Hapua
Nanto Kyukyo
Seanesia Tamansari

Savai is a geographic region and continent in the Eastern Hemisphere, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, comprising Maonesia, and Seiranesia. Savai covers an area of x square kilometres (x sq mi) and has a population of 385.7 million. Situated in the southeast of the Yidao-Jade region, Savai, when compared to other continents and continental regions, is one of the smallest in land area and the third smallest in population after Arabekh and Frigidarum.

The islands at the geographic extremes of Savai are the Iwashima Islands, politically administrated by Nanto but disputed with Ashihara; Nyade, a dependency of Midrasia; the Vanir Islands, a possession of Crylante; the Arrowanelly Islands, belonging to Ngoongerali; and the x Islands, belonging to Seanesia. It is bordered on the west by the Majulan Ocean and to the east by the Jade Sea. The continent includes a continental shelf overlain by shallow seas which divide it into several landmasses—North Savai and South Savai colloquially. When sea levels were lower during the Pleistocene ice age, inluding the Last Glacial Maximum about 18,000 BC, they were connected by dry land. During the past 10,000 years, rising sea levels overflowed the lowlands and separated the continent into today's low-lying arid to semi-arid mainland to the mountainous islands of North Savai and Seiranesia.

It includes seven sovereign states (Agarntrop, Ajerrin, Kealakekua, Kelenoa, Nanto, New Timeria, and Seanesia), territories of Ardaima (Mayawi),Crylante (Vanir), Midrasia (Oshima and Nyade), Newrey (Burmondsy), Savai has a diverse mix of economies from the developed and globally competitive financial markets of Agarntrop, Ajerrin and Nanto, which rank high in quality of life and human development index, to the much less developed economies that belong to countries such as Kealakekua, while also including medium-sized economies of Jade islands such as Kelenoa and Indragiri. The largest and most populous country in Savai is New Timeria, with Lia being the largest city of both Savai and New Timeria.

The first settlers of Savai, Komuele, and the large islands just to the east arrived more than 60,000 years ago. Savai was first explored by Asurans from the 16th century onward. Aquidish navigators, between 1512 and 1526, reached the Arrowanelly Islands, some of the Seanesian islands and west Komuele. On his first voyage in the 18th century, x, who later arrived at the highly developed x, went to x and followed the east coast of Savai for the first time. The Jade front saw major action during the First and Second Great War, mainly between Allied powers and other Asuran contrahents.




Countries and territories

Arms Flag Country or territory Capital Area Population (2018) Population density
Agarntrop2.png Agarntrop Agarntrop City X 28,984,000 X
AjerrinCoA.png Flag of ajerrin.png Ajerrin New Hope 300,113 km2
(115,874 sq mi)
38,749,000 129.1/km2
(334.4/sq mi)
KealakekuAsEAL.png KealakekuaFlag.png Kealakekua Keʻokeʻo X 7,872,000 X
KeloniiII.png Kelonii.png Kelenoa Hapua 192,054 km2
(74,152 sq mi)
37,410,000 194.7/km2
(504.5/sq mi)
Soto Zen.svg NantoFlag.png Nanto Kyūkyō X 12,250,000 X
New Timeria Lia X 203,210,000 X
Flag of Seanesia.jpg Seanesia Tamansari X 53,290,000 X
Newrey1.png Burmondsy (Newrey) X X X X
Regione-Campania-Stemma.svg Flag of Campania.svg Mayawi (Ardaima) X X X X
MDREmblem.png MDRKingdomflag2.png Nyade (Midrasia) X X X X
MDREmblem.png MDROshima.png Ōshima (Midrasia) Lission X 1,290,000 X
Crylante Coat of Arms.png Vanir Islands Flag.png Vanir Islands (Crylante) Saint Eysteinn 528 km2
(203 sq mi)
38,100 72.1/km2
(187.6/sq mi)