The Deromi Desert, which lies mostly in Hipasia and Biladia
Countries and territories Araabyne
23x15px Biladia
Template:Country data Carcossica (Babarania)
Cebragas Flag.png Cebragas
Template:Country data Hipasia
Tiwura flag.png Tiwura
Major languagesAquidish, Araabyne, Aramasian, Carcosse Veyene, Golushish, Kefic, Mashahith, Midrasian, Onzaian, Samatiyan, Chalcian, Cebragai
Nominal GDPTBD
GDP per capitaTBD
Time zonesUTC 0 to UTC -1
Capital citiesAraabyne Shincliffe
Aramas Sannat
The Babaran Isles Jisthavefan (Gnoicadjatghuen)
23x15px Baldulsam
Cebragas Flag.png Borasus
Template:Country data Hipasia Yam-Yaroq
Onza Kunta
Tiwura flag.png Pierre

Arabekh is a major continent within the northern hemisphere of Aeia. The continent has a number of Arabic cultures within the west and central parts of the continent, sub-Manahric Arabekh in the south, and Hearthurian cultures in the east and north. Some colonial populations exist along the northern coasts of the continent, including the Babarane-Veyene culture, which has roots in Northern Asura.


The word Arabekh and its equivalent in many of the continent's languages, including Onzaian عربخية ʕarbaxiyya, Samatiyan أرْبَخِيَة or אַרְבַּחִּיַתּ Arbaḫîyat and Mashahith הערבּך hāʕarbeḵ, comes from an original root *ʕ-r-b in a native language. The precise original meaning of this root is uncertain, with cognate meanings covering such spheres as "west", "nomadic", "evening", "clear [speech]", "desert" and "mixture [of people]". The initial consonant, a voiced pharyngeal approximant, being unfamiliar to speakers of Asuran languages, was dropped when the word was borrowed into their idioms. In modern Samatiyan, it shifted towards a glottal stop though the spelling as عَرْبَخِيَة or עַרְבַּחִּיַתּ instead of أرْبَخِيَة or אַרְבַּחִּיַתּ, respectively, is still seen sometimes.

The ending of the word, -ekh, is also of uncertain origin. Suggestions include Ancient Onzaian ’ḫ "become useful", Onzaian or Samatiyan أخ or אַחּ ’ax or aḫ or Mashahith אח ʔåħ "brother" and Mzincu ܐܟܪܐ ʔakkårå "farmer".

In addition to that, the Samatiyan term arbaḫîyat has also been used to refer to the concept of continents in general in recent years.