San Jorge

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Peasantry Republic of San Jorge

República Campesina de San Jorge (Iberic)
Flag of San Jorge
Map of San Jorge (east) and San Giorgio, their subdivisions, and national parks.
Map of San Jorge (east) and San Giorgio, their subdivisions, and national parks.
CapitalSanta Isabel
Official languagesIberic
Ethnic groups
Iberic, Jieen
GovernmentEco-Socialist Republic
• Secretary of State
Hector Fidalgo
10,584.42 km2 (4,086.67 sq mi)
Driving sideright

San Jorge, officially known as the Peasantry Republic of San Jorge (Iberic: República Campesina de San Jorge), is a sovereign state in Marenesia on Eurth. Its closest neighbouring country is San Giorgio to the west. Santa Isabel is the capital and largest city. San Jorge is approximately 10,584.42 km2 (4,086.67 sq mi) in size, without the territorial waters. The island is home to $number inhabitants.

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WIP. This is section likely going to be identical to etymology of San Giorgio. To fit with a Peasantry Republic and its eco-socialism, we can stress the farmer-aspects of the name “George.”



  • The capital city is Santa Isabel.
  • Subdivision (A-Z): Agorawala, Aguilaria, Domingo, La Estrella Roja, Nueva Byzasia, Santa Isabel (Capital).
  • National park (A-Z): San Jorge National Park.


(Something related to the 1951 revolution.)

(WIP How did your current nation come to be? What were its previous incarnations? Was it part of a union with a neighbour? Which events shaped the way it is today?)

  • 23 April 1300 — Mantellan explorers landed on the island of Saint George.
  • Iberos and Mantella had several colonial skirmishes. One of these resulted in Mantella having to sell half of the island of Saint George to Iberos. The Iberics established their own colony of San Jorge.
  • San Jorge is an ex-Iberos colony on the eastern side of the island of Saint George.[1]
  • 1951 — Revolution against the old kingdom took place. (Which “old kingdom” is that?) Peasantry Republic has been in power since. San Jorge was reorganised in the 1950s and 1960s to be primarily farmers and herders. Imagine a socialist society, but where everyone owns a plot of land and are expected to farm it sustainably and maintain bio-diversity. Santa Isabel was exempt as the administrative region of San Jorge.
  • Present — Hector Fidalgo is 48 years old and has been in power for the last 7 years, taking over from his father Luka Fidalgo.


(WIP. President is first in command, the Secretary would be second. San Jorge isn't a democracy despite calling itself a republic. It's an anocracy with both autocratic and democratic elements if we're going by a Secretary/President situation. One-Party state. Though we could relabel it to a One-Party Eco-Socialist State Due to the nature of iiWiki I do have to call it a republic, as that's what San Jorge identifies as.)

Hector Fidalgo is the 9th Secretary of State of San Jorge, and the current leader of the Jorge Rural y Partido Socialista Campesino (JRPSC). The JRPSC is the current ruling party in the legislative assembly.

Political parties
  Some Green Party Name (SGPN)
  Some Yellow Party Name (SYPN)
  Jorge Rural y Partido Socialista Campesino (JRPSC)
Secretary of State Term of office Election(s)
No. Portrait Name
Took office Left office
1 Johan Ferrier (1955).jpg Julián Pérez
1951 - 1951
2 Severinus Desiré Emanuels (1962).jpg José Francisco
1960s 1960s 1960s
3 Minister-President Pengel profil 1963 (cropped).jpg César Aromeu
1960s 1960s 1960s
4 Jules Sedney (1973).jpg João Aromeu
1970s 1970s 1970s
5 Henck Arron Schiphol persconferentie 1988 (cropped).jpg President 5
1980s 1980s 1980s
6 Henk Chin a Sen 934-1376 (cropped).jpg Fernando Seve[2]
1990s 1990s (keep in mind he died in 1999) 1990s
7 Chan Santokhi, Sep 2020 (cropped).jpg President 7
(born 1959)
1990s 2001 1990s
8 Man Silhouette2.jpg Luka Fidalgo
(born 1945)
2001 2015 2001
9 Hector Fidalgo.jpg Hector Fidalgo
(born 1974)
2015 Incumbent 2015





  • Dixit Xio: “I had in mind that San Jorge was largely ethnically homogenous. Though idm if you want to reference Iberos taking prisoners of war or slaves from Azania to the island.”




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