2004 Summer Olympic Games (Iearth)

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Host cityTofino, Zian, Zamastan
MottoUnity in a new world
Opening13 August
Closing29 August
Opened by
StadiumTofino Olympic Stadium

The 2004 Summer Olympics, commonly known as Tofino '04, was an international multi-sport event for the Olympic Games held from August 13-29, 2004, in Tofino, Zian, Zamastan. It was the seventh time the Olympics and the sixth time the Summer Games were hosted in Zamastan, and the second time Tofino was the host city. The Games saw 9,893 athletes compete, accompanied by 5,501 team officials from 97 countries, including first-time participants Peoratia and Apatonia. With 215 medal events in 26 different sports including rugby sevens and golf for the first time, the final medal tally was led by Zamastan with 33 gold medals and 84 overall, followed by Yuan and Quetana. Several world and Olympic records were also broken during these Games.

Bidding and Election

A young girl adding her signature in support of Tofino's candidacy

The process for the 2004 Summer Olympics was officially launched on 16 May 1999. The first step for each city was to submit an initial application to the International Olympic Committee by 13 September 1999, confirming their intention to bid. Completed official bid files containing answers to a 25-question IOC form were to be submitted by each city by the deadline of 14 January 2000. On 4 June 2000, four candidate cities were chosen for the shortlist: Cardoza, Courbagne, Tofino, and Kuye. Tofino had previously hosted in 1958, Courbagne hosted in 1974. Three cities—Shanghan, Leonrau, and Saint Elmenau—failed to reach the candidature phase.

Atal al-Mouta of Sulifa headed the 10-member Evaluation Commission, having also chaired the evaluation commission for the 2002 Summer Olympics bids. The commission made on-site inspections in the second quarter of 2001. They issued a comprehensive technical appraisal for IOC members on 2 September, one month before the elections. Many safeguards were put in place to prevent bidding cities from communicating with or directly influencing the 101 IOC members eligible to vote in the elections. For example, cities could not invite any IOC member to visit, nor could they send anything that could be construed as a gift. Nonetheless, bidding cities invested large sums in their PR and media programs to indirectly influence the IOC members by garnering domestic support and backing from sports media and general international media.

The final voting was held in Ieraskevi, Alcarres on 2 October 2001, with Tofino and Courbagne considered favorites to secure the Games. Kuye was eliminated after the first round of voting, and Cardoza after the second. Tofino took a significant lead over Courbagne, heading into the final round; the lead was held, and after recieving 77 votes Tofino was announced as host of the 2004 Summer Olympics.

City Country Votes
Tofino Zamastan 77
Courbagne New Elkland 21
Cardoza Paraboca 3

Development and preparation


The Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for Tofino 2004

Tofino's medal design was unveiled in May 2003. The design is intended to resemble Tofino's landscape, with a semi-translucent section containing a "patchwork quilt" of diamonds representing mountains; the diamonds themselves contain designs that reflect Zamastan's provinces.


The 2004 Games used a mixture of newly built venues, existing facilities and temporary facilities, some of them in well known locations such as Kingston and Jericho Basin. Some of the facilities are being reused in their Olympic form, while others were constructed so that they could either be reduced in size or moved elsewhere. The plans were intended to contribute to the regeneration of North Coome in east Tofino which is the site of East Olympic Park and of the neighboring Odessa.

The venues within Tofino-Arinals Metropolitan Area were divided into four zones: the Olympic Zone, the River Zone, the City Zone, and Coast Side. In addition to these were venues that, by necessity, are outside the boundaries of Greater Tofino.

Olympic Park Zone

The Olympic Zone encompassed all of the facilities within the 500 acres (2 km2) Olympic Park in North Coome. This park was developed on existing waste and industrial land, and is fifteen minutes by public train from downtown Tofino. The park contained in the following below:

Aerial view of the Olympic Park in April 2004
Venue Permanent/
Sports Capacity Ref.
Olympics Paralympics
Aquatics Centre Permanent Diving, Modern Pentathlon (swimming), Swimming, Synchronized Swimming Swimming 17,500
Basketball Arena Temporary Basketball, Handball (medal round) Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball 12,000
BMX Track Permanent1 Cycling (BMX) 6,000
Abbone Estate Permanent Wheelchair Tennis 10,500
Meyers Box Permanent Handball, Modern Pentathlon (fencing) Goalball 7,000
MasterDome Permanent1 Cycling (track) Cycling (track) 6,000
Anchor Arena Temporary2 Field Hockey Football seven-a-side, Football five-a-side 16,000
Olympic Stadium Permanent Athletics, Ceremonies (opening/closing) Athletics, Ceremonies (opening/closing) 80,000
Water Polo Arena Temporary Water polo 5,000
  • The Olympic Village, with accommodation for all athletes and team officials (some 17,320 beds in total). After the games the village became a district of the Batton Heights development, a multibillion-pound development project on the former railway goods yard to the east of the Olympic Park. (Accredited technical officials – referees, umpires, etc. – are housed in hotel space in Tirzah Docklands).
  • The Olympic Press and Broadcast Centres.
  • Central Live In the heart of the Olympic Park, Park Live was a live site accommodating over 15,000 spectators and park visitors. With two giant screens broadcasting live games coverage and a presentation stage hosting athlete and guest interviews, it was the fifth largest venue on the Olympic Park and the first time a live site of this type had ever been created inside an Olympic Park.

River Zone

The River Zone features three main venues in the Kingston district area straddling the Zian River and the entrance to Horseshoe Bay:

Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Olympics Paralympics
Terocca Stadium Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Weightlifting, Wrestling Boccia, Judo, Powerlifting, Table Tennis, Volleyball (sitting), Wheelchair Fencing from 5,000 to 10,000
Elwich Arena Basketball (final), Gymnastics (artistic, trampolining) Wheelchair basketball 20,000 (OG)
18,000 (PG)
Artillery Park Shooting Archery, Shooting 7,500 (OG)
5,000 (PG)

In the initial plan for the River Zone, a temporary 6,000 seat capacity facility to be called Elwich Arena 2 was to have been built alongside Terocca Stadium to host the badminton and rhythmic gymnastics events. However, the cost led to alternatives being suggested, eventually leading to the cancellation of the arena and the transfer of its planned events to Nelson Arena instead.

City Zone

The City Zone is formed out of all the remaining venues within Tofino. They are quite widely spread across central, west, and south Tofino:

Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Olympics Paralympics
Kingston Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club Tennis 30,000
Aster Court Exhibition Centre Volleyball (indoor) 15,000
Dyae Guards Parade Volleyball (beach) 15,000
Gaviria Park Swimming (marathon), Triathlon 3,000
President's Cricket Ground Archery 6,500
Marathon Course Athletics (marathon and race walk) Athletics]] (marathon) Not listed.
Orris Arena Badminton, Gymnastics (rhythmic) 6,000
Orris Stadium Football 90,000

The men's and women's time trials in road cycling took place on specially laid out courses starting and finishing at Congressional Hall.

Coast Side

Five of the venues were on the Horseshoe Bay coast:

Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Olympics Paralympics
Roosevelt Hatch Cycling (road)
Dorn Beach Canoeing (sprint), Rowing Rowing 30,000 maximum (OG)
6,000 (PG)
Grouse Mount Arena Cycling (mountain biking) 20,000 (includes 3,000 seating)
Coastal Valley White Water Center Canoeing (slalom) 12,000 maximum
Anchor National Sailing Academy Sailing Sailing 4,600 (OG)
17,400 (PG)


Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Flame at the opening ceremony at Tofino Olympic Stadium

The Opening ceremony took place on August 13th, opening with a segment narrated by former-President Aiden Avery praising international unity and paying a moment of silence for the lives lost in the combat operations in Vulkaria. Actors Jesse Simotand and Cristina Classi delivered a two-minute address with an appeal to environmental conservation and the prevention of global warming, with the Games later being known for open displays of activism. The crowd in the stadium numbered 90,000 and the event was broadcast to an estimated global audience of three billion.

The ceremony highlighted aspects of Zamastanian history and culture, beginning with a tribute to the Catica First Nations. The performance expanded into the historical interpretations of the Revolutionary War, industrialization and expansion, the World War, and the creation of the Coalition of Crown Albatross. Cultural aspects were shown through a hip-hop performance by Merlin Stay and a performance by legendary jazz musician Simon Sardou, who was 97 at the time and passed away only 4 days later. Stay and Sardou were flanked during their performances by culturally dressed dancers from different regions in Zamastan.

The games were officially opened by President of Zamastan Cassious Castovia, while the Olympic Torch was lit by Zamastan national football team star Isaiah Ross.


Aquatics Diving
Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard (Men)  Quetana  Zamastan
3 m springboard (Women)  Quetana  Zamastan
10 m platform (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
10 m platform (Women)  Zamastan  Vitosium
200m freestyle (Men)  Zamastan  Zamastan
200m freestyle (Women)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
400m freestyle (Men)  Zamastan  Zamastan
400m freestyle (Women)  Quetana  Zamastan
1500m freestyle (Men)  Quetana
1500m freestyle (Women)  Zamastan
100m backstroke (Men)  Zamastan  Quetana
100m backstroke (Women)  Quetana  Zamastan
200m backstroke (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon
200m backstroke (Women)  Zamastan
100m butterfly (Men)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
100m butterfly (Women)  Vitosium  Quetana
200m butterfly (Men)  Zamastan  Zamastan
200m butterfly (Women)
100m medley (Men) AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon  Zamastan
100m medley (Women)  Zamastan
200m medley (Men)  Zamastan
200m medley (Women)  Zamastan AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon
Synchronized Swimming
Water Polo
 Quetana  Zamastan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual (Men)  Zamastan
Individual (Women) AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon  Zamastan ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau
Teams (Men) ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
Teams (Women)  Quetana

Event Gold Silver Bronze
200 metres (Men)  Zamastan JanapaFlag.png Janapa  Quetana
200 metres (Women)  Quetana JanapaFlag.png Janapa
400 metres (Men)  Zamastan ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon
400 metres (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
800 metres (Men) JanapaFlag.png Janapa  Vitosium
800 metres (Women) ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau YuanFlag.png Yuan
1500 metres (Men)  Zamastan JanapaFlag.png Janapa
1500 metres (Women)  Zamastan
5000 metres (Men) JanapaFlag.png Janapa  Zamastan
5000 metres (Women)
10 000 metres (Men) JanapaFlag.png Janapa  Quetana
10 000 metres (Women) JanapaFlag.png Janapa  Zamastan
110 metres hurdles (Men) JanapaFlag.png Janapa YuanFlag.png Yuan ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau
110 metres hurdles (Women)  Zamastan
400 metres hurdles (Men)  Vitosium
Jovi Laurita
400 metres hurdles (Women)  Zamastan
3000 metres steeplechase (Men)  Quetana
3000 metres steeplechase (Women)  Quetana  Zamastan
Marathon (Men)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
Marathon (Women)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
High Jump (Men)  Quetana  Zamastan  Vitosium
Jovi Laurita
High Jump (Women)  Zamastan
Pole Vault (Men)  Vitosium
Jovi Laurita
 Zamastan  Quetana
Pole Vault (Women)  Quetana
Long Jump (Men)  Quetana ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau  Zamastan
Long Jump (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Triple Jump (Men)  Zamastan  Vitosium
Jovi Laurita
Triple Jump (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
Shotput (Men)  Zamastan
Shotput (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Discus Throw (Men) AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
Discus Throw (Women)  Zamastan
Hammer Throw (Men)
Hammer Throw (Women)  Zamastan
Javelin Throw (Men)  Quetana  Zamastan
Javelin Throw (Women) ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
Decathlon (Men)  Quetana
Decathlon (Women)  Zamastan

Gold Silver Bronze
Team of 20  Zamastan Team of 20

Gold Silver Bronze
 Zamastan Team of 12 Team of 12
Team of 12 Team of 12  Zamastan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight (Men)  Quetana  Zamastan
Flyweight (Women)
Lightweight (Men)  Zamastan
Lightweight (Women)  Quetana AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon
Welterweight (Men)  Zamastan
Welterweight (Women)
Middleweight (Men)  Zamastan
Middleweight (Women)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
Heavyweight (Men)
Heavyweight (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon
Super Heavyweight (Men)  Quetana  Quetana
Super Heavyweight (Women)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
200 m (Men)  Zamastan JanapaFlag.png Janapa
200 m (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
500 m (Men)
500 m (Women) AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon
200 m (Men)
1000 m (Women) JanapaFlag.png Janapa
200 m (Men)  Zamastan
1000 m (Women)  Vitosium

Event Gold Silver Bronze
BMX (Men)
BMX (Women) AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon  Quetana
Cross-country (Men)  Zamastan
Cross-country (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Road race (Men)  Quetana
Road race (Women)
Time trial (Men)
Time trial (Women)  Quetana
Omnium (Men)  Zamastan
Omnium (Women)
Team pursuit (Men)
Team pursuit (Women)  Vitosium  Quetana
Team sprint (Men)  Zamastan  Quetana
Team sprint (Women)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Epee individual (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Epee individual (Women)  Zamastan
Foil individual (Men)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
Foil individual (Women)  Zamastan
Saber individual (Men)  Quetana
Saber individual (Women)  Quetana

Field Hockey
Gold Silver Bronze
Team of 11 Team of 11 Team of 11
Team of 11 Team of 11 Team of 11

Gold Silver Bronze
 Zamastan ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau Team of 11
Team of 11 Team of 11 Team of 11

Gold Silver Bronze
ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Balance beam (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
Balance beam (Women) AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon  Zamastan
Floor (Men)  Zamastan
Floor (Women)  Zamastan
Parallel bars (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Parallel bars (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Pommel horse (Men)
Pommel horse (Women)
Vault (Men)  Quetana
Vault (Women)  Zamastan

Gold Silver Bronze
YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon

Event Gold Silver Bronze
48kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Zamastan
48kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
54kg (Men)
54kg (Women)
60kg (Men)  Zamastan
60kg (Women)  Zamastan YuanFlag.png Yuan
66kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
66kg (Women)
72kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
72kg (Women)  Zamastan
80kg (Men)
80kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
90kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
90kg (Women)
100kg (Men)
100kg (Women)  Zamastan

Modern pentathlon
Gold Silver Bronze
YuanFlag.png Yuan
ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau  Zamastan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single sculls (Men)  Quetana
Single sculls (Women)  Quetana
Double sculls (Men)
Double sculls (Women)
Pair (Men)
Pair (Women)
Four (Men)  Vitosium YuanFlag.png Yuan
Four (Women)  Quetana
Eight (Men)
Eight (Women)  Quetana

Gold Silver Bronze
AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau YuanFlag.png Yuan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
RS:X (Men)  Quetana
RS:X (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Quetana
Finn (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Finn (Women)
Nacra 17 (Men)
Nacra 17 (Women)
470 (Men)
470 (Women)
49er (Men)
49er (Women)  Quetana

Table Tennis
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Singles (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Quetana
Team (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
Team (Women)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
58 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
58 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
68 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
68 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
80 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
80 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
+80 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Quetana
+80 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles (Men)
Singles (Women)  Zamastan
Doubles (Men)
Doubles (Women)  Quetana

Gold Silver Bronze
YuanFlag.png Yuan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Volleyball (Men)  Quetana
Volleyball (Women)  Zamastan  Quetana
Beach Volleyball (Men)
Beach Volleyball (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan

Event Gold Silver Bronze
56 kg (Men)  Quetana
56 kg (Women)
62 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
62 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
69 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
69 kg (Women)
77 kg (Men)
77 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan  Quetana
85 kg (Men)  Quetana
85 kg (Women)
94 kg (Men)
94 kg (Women)  Quetana
105 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
105 kg (Women)

Event Gold Silver Bronze
freestyle 57 kg (Men)  Quetana
freestyle 57 kg (Women)
freestyle 65 kg (Men)  Quetana ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau
freestyle 65 kg (Women) YuanFlag.png Yuan
freestyle 74 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
freestyle 74 kg (Women)
freestyle 86 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
freestyle 86 kg (Women)
freestyle 97 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
freestyle 97 kg (Women)  Zamastan
freestyle 125 kg (Men) YuanFlag.png Yuan
freestyle 125 kg (Women)  Quetana

Participating National Olympic Committees

Participating National Olympic Committees

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Zamastan 33 16 35 84
2 YuanFlag.png Yuan 24 25 14 63
3  Quetana 16 14 22 52
AvergnonFlag.png Avergnon 6 3 4 13
ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau 4 4 4 12
JanapaFlag.png Janapa 4 3 3 10