Congressional Hall Capitol Building

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Congressional Hall Capitol Building
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TypeLegislature Function
SeatTofino, Zamastan

The Congressional Hall Capitol Building, more simply known as Congressional Hall is located in Tofino, Zamastan, and is home to the bicameral legislature of Zamastan, including the Senate and the Congress. Sitting on the eastern end of Gaviria Park, the Neo-baroque buildings face west on Zian Avenue facing the Olympic Ocean and diagonally across from the Zian Presidential Mansion. A statue of Tomias Hapson stands on the front lawn as well the Zamastan Legislature Cenotaph commemorating the nation's Parabocan War, Danaska War, World War, Tariel War, and Vulkaria War dead. Atop the central dome is a gold-covered statue of Thomas Pétion.

Originally the site of a Skithan military base in the 18th and early 19th centuries, development of the area into a governmental precinct began in 1810, after Avi Taures chose Tofino as the capital of Zamastan following the Revolutionary War. Following a number of extensions to the congressional and departmental buildings and an earthquake in 1919 that destroyed the Center Block, Congressional Hall took on its present form with the completion of the dome in 1927. Since 2014, an extensive Z$1 billion renovation and rehabilitation project has been underway throughout all of the precinct's buildings; work is not expected to be complete until after 2023. The 2019 Coastal Valley Earthquake postponed much of the renovation efforts.

The grounds on which the Congressional Hall sit are collectively are often referred to as the Congressional Hall complex, and multiple buildings are adjoined by paths and indoor walkways, including offices for Congressional lawmakers and staffers, political party headquarters, and faculty areas. Free guided tours of the facility are offered year-round, and it attracts approximately 11 million visitors each year. Law enforcement on Congressional Hall and in the legislature precinct is the responsibility of the Congressional Protective Service (CPS). Both its east and west elevations are formally referred to as fronts, though only the east front was intended for the reception of visitors and dignitaries.



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