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Central Ocean Basin Alliance
Джунгганг Хоирура Ленмон (Namorese)
Alliance du bassin central (French)
Centrální oceán povodí aliance (Czech)
Flag of Cenba.png
Flag of Cenba
Member states of Cenba (green)
AbbreviationCenba, Abace
MottoLibertas perfundet omnia luce
(Freedom will flood all things with light)
Formation25 June 2013
TypeMilitary alliance
PurposeCollective security
HeadquartersNamo, Namor
Official language
Czech, Desenan, French, Namorese, Toksanese
Ainin Jean-Christophe d'Atillon
Commanding General
Namor Dong Gyeong
Main organ
Cenba Command

The Central Ocean Basin Alliance (Cenba) is a military alliance in Esquarium centered around the Central Ocean basin on three continents, Borea, Velkia and Nautasia. Founded on 25 June 2013 by Ainin, Namor and Toksan as a consolidation of previous bilateral defence pacts, it has grown to include five full members: the three founding members, plus Bohemia and East Nautarya.

The alliance is governed by its founding treaty, the Central Ocean Compact, which provides for collective security against aggression and requires all members to come to the defence of each other. It also facilitates the joint deployment of forces and promotes cooperation between member-states on defence, security and terrorism issues. Cenba has its own permanent standing rapid reaction force staffed by voluntary contributions from member-states, the Cenba Emergency Force.

Cenba's stated goals include the safeguard of world peace and regional security, the protection of democracy and the rights of man, and the defence of equality and justice in international relations. It maintains working relations with similar regional alliances, including the CSA, EC and NOSDO.

Cenba is led by a civilian Secretary-General, the appointment of whom rotates amongst the member-states, and by a professional Commanding General, always a member of either the Aininian Armed Forces or the Namorese Liberation Army.


A series of bilateral defence agreements, including long-standing Namo-Aininian and Aininian-Toksanese mutual defence treaties, served as the basis for military cooperation amongst Central Ocean states prior to the establishment of Cenba. In 2012, Namorese and Toksanese leaders explored the possibility of a military agreement, which would result in Ainin, Namor and Toksan becoming treatied allies to each other through a series of overlapping arrangements. The decision was instead taken to consolidate the alliances into a single organisation, the negotiations for which began in Borneung, Toksan in February 2013. They concluded in April, when leaders from all three countries signed the instrument to establish Cenba.

The treaty came into force on 25 June 2013.


Cenba is govered by the Central Ocean Compact, a multilateral treaty signed on 30 April 2013 in Huimont, Ainin. It came into force on 25 June 2013 after all three signatories ratified the agreement. Several aspects of the treaty are notable:

  • Article 3 provides for collective security and stipulates the process by which a member state can request that Cenba come to its defence.
  • Article 4 provides for voluntary assistance between member states on security and defence matters.
  • Article 10 provides for intelligence sharing between national intelligence agencies.
  • Article 17 establishes the Cenba Emergency Force, a quick reaction force under central command.

Deployments and operations

Article 3 has never been invoked in the history of the alliance.

Article 4 has been invoked on several organisations, and serves as the basis for all active Cenba operations. Notable operations have included:


State Date acceded Notes
 Ainin 23 June 2013 Founding member
Template:Country data Bohemia 10 March 2017
 Desena 15 April 2015
Template:Country data East Nautarya 7 October 2015
 Namor 23 June 2013 Founding member
23x15px Toksan 23 June 2013 Founding member
Template:Country data Saheil 14 November 2013

† As Ainin is responsible for the defence of Pisdara, its ratification has been held to extend to Pisdara.

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