Lhedwinic Council

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Flag of the Lhedwinic Council
Member States and regions of the Lhedwinic Council (blue)
Member States and regions of the Lhedwinic Council (blue)
HeadquartersGlanodel Vænholm
Working languages
TypeIntergovernmental organization
• Secretary-General
• Deputy Secretary-General
Navack Sebastian Dahle
• Chair of the Lhedwinic Council
Crylante Natalja Lablanck
• Chair of the Pan-Lhedwinic Assembly
Glanodel ???
• Lhedwinic Council inaugurated
?? ??? ????
• 2017 estimate

The Lhedwinic Council is the official body for formal co-operation among the Lhedwinic countries. Formed in 19XX as an intergovernmental forum, it has grown to include several political, economic, and cultural components.


Participating members

The Lhedwinic Council has 7 members, 4 sovereign states and 3 self-governing regions.

Country name Arms Flag Head of government Parliament Membership status Represented since CDN relation CPIS relation
Full membership
Crylante Crylante Coat of Arms.png Crylante Natalja Lablanck Great Council Sovereign state 19XX observer non-member
Navack Newnavcoa.png Navack Helle Schanke National Congress Sovereign state 19XX member member
Torland Torland CoA.png Torland Safia Saadi Folksthing Sovereign state 1956 Member Non-member
Sturhlund Newsturhlund.png Kjerstin Askholt Regional Assembly Territory under Navack 19XX Member Member
Vanir Islands N/A Astrid Couch Vaniric Assembly Territory under Crylante 19XX Observer Non-member


Country name Arms Flag Observer since Ambassador to the Council LTA relation LCU relation LHEEP relation LJAA relation
Ainhar N/A Ainhar 1986 Ingemund Hendull member member member non-member
Alriika AlriikaEmblem.png Alriika 19XX Heikko Taave member member member member
Motsvara MotsvaraCOA.png Motsvara 19XX Person Mac Person non-member member member non-member
Skjoldeland Skjoldelandic State Emblem.png Skjoldeland 19XX Oddbjørg Langeland non-member member member non-member