Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition

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Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition
Motto"Kọ́rin Aiyé", Harmony of Nations (Unofficial)
"Unitas, Iustitia, Spes", Unity, Truth, Hope (Unofficial)
FormationMarch 18th, 2023
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersAyotola, Carthage, Unified Sera
Placeholder, Timera
Placeholder, Austrolis
Gen. Malik Kamara,
Unified Sera Royal Marines

The Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition (shortened to PADC) is a international organization focused on the mutual defense and interests of its member states. The PADC is comprised of 12 nations total: Iobaray, Timeria, Austrolis, Unified Sera, Alluna, Costa Sarba, Kantoalina, Cakala, Aatia, Aybrea, Kossmil, and Somodi. Founded on March 18th, 2023, the purpose of PADC is to incorporate nations on the Adulan continent, specifically focused in the Somodi, Cadairi, and South Adulan regions. It was founded with the intent of the original member governments to stand as an opposite to other alliances with presence in the region, namely WEDA and the TTPA.



The formation of the Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition (PADC) can be traced back to a series of laborious meetings and diplomatic negotiations that took place among key nations in the wake of growing tensions globally and the threat of global war. The initial groundwork for the alliance was laid by the prominent states of Austrolis, Unified Sera, Somodi and Timeria, whose leaders recognized the need for a unified front in the face of growing geopolitical challenges. Specifically, the crisis in Ausiana that threatened to put the powerful military alliances WEDA and AWAC in direct confrontation with the possibility of spillover. These nations, each possessing unique strengths and resources, sought to create a platform that would foster cooperation, promote regional security, and protect their shared interests.

The early discussions, which began in closed-door sessions held in the capital cities of Austrolis, Somodi, and Timeria, were characterized by intense deliberations and meticulous planning. Later, Unified Sera's diplomats and representatives would be invited to the table for further deliberations. Diplomats from these nations engaged in prolonged debates, seeking common ground and finding ways to reconcile their differing strategic priorities. With Timeria also expressing a keen interest in the establishment of an alliance, representatives from the three nations worked tirelessly to iron out the details and address potential obstacles.

Over the course of several months, these diplomats engaged in rigorous negotiations, evaluating the benefits and potential risks associated with forming such an alliance. Countless proposals were exchanged, with each side advocating for its respective national interests. The diplomats delved into a wide range of topics, including defense cooperation, mutual economic benefits, and the potential political implications of the alliance's formation. The governments also discussed the necessity of standardization among member-states; with particular attention being drawn to equipment, vehicles, and ammunition. During these talks, special attention was drawn to the difference between the 6.8x51mm ammo used by the Seran military and the 7.62 round used by the Timerian military.

Diplomats met from several countries to discuss commitment, funding, and other such involvement in mid-2023

To facilitate open dialogue and ensure that all voices were heard, numerous rounds of talks were held. These meetings, often spanning several days, involved diplomats shuttling back and forth between capitals, tirelessly working to bridge gaps and build consensus. The exchange of ideas was not limited to formal settings, as diplomats engaged in informal discussions over meals and during breaks, further fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust among the negotiating parties. As the negotiations progressed, the diplomats began to overcome their initial differences and find common ground. Compromises were made, and innovative solutions were proposed to address the concerns and aspirations of all participating nations. The formation of the alliance was envisioned not as a zero-sum game but as a mutually beneficial partnership that would leverage the unique capabilities of each member state.

With the groundwork set by Austrolis, Unified Sera, and Timeria, the discussions expanded to include other nations on the Adulan continent. The news of the budding alliance resonated with neighboring countries, capturing their attention and igniting discussions within their respective governments. Recognizing the advantages of joining such an alliance, nations such as Iobaray, Alluna, Costa Sarba, Kantoalina, Cakala, Aatia, and Aybrea expressed their interest in becoming part of the Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition.

To ensure a smooth integration process, diplomats from the founding nations, along with representatives from interested states, gathered in a historic summit held in a neutral location. The summit provided a platform for discussions on membership criteria, shared responsibilities, and the rights and privileges of each participating nation. Deliberations extended late into the nights, as diplomats pored over legal documents, scrutinizing each clause to safeguard the interests of their respective nations.

Ultimately, on March 18th, 2023, the Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition was officially established, marking a significant milestone in the history of the Adulan continent. The laborious efforts of diplomats, who tirelessly negotiated and fostered collaboration among nations, culminated in the birth of an alliance dedicated to mutual defense and the advancement of shared interests. The formation of the PADC signified a turning point in the region, as nations pledged their commitment to working together to navigate the complex geopolitical landscape and promote stability and prosperity for all member states.


Introcutory Charter

In witness whereof, the undersigned sovereign representatives of the respective nations, having convened in a spirit of cooperation and mutual commitment to regional security, do hereby solemnly establish this founding document, herein referred to as the "Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition Charter," with the aim of promoting collective defense, safeguarding shared interests, and fostering enduring peace and stability across the Adulan continent...

By virtue of this Charter, the member states, represented by their duly authorized envoys, recognize the imperative of uniting their strengths, resources, and collective will to counteract emerging threats, preserve territorial integrity, and bolster the resilience of each participating nation. Embracing the principles of sovereignty, equality, and mutual respect, the signatories pledge unwavering allegiance to the overarching objectives of the Pan-Adulan Defense Coalition, affirming their dedication to upholding international law, promoting regional cooperation, and fostering dialogue among nations...

This Charter enshrines the fundamental principles that bind the member states in a spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility. It establishes a framework for strategic coordination, defense cooperation, and the mutual exchange of information, ensuring the effective deployment and synchronization of collective military capabilities in response to potential or actual threats to the peace and security of the Adulan continent...[1]

Leadership and structure


The main article for this section is the Adulan Defense and Shared Interests Accord

Member nations

Country Admittance Regional HQ Representative/Diplomat
The United States of Sera
March 18, 2023 Ayotola, Carthage, Unified Sera Gen. Malik Kamara
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Membership requirements

Requirements for Continued Partnership


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