Media of Iearth

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This is a list of media found in nations across Iearth and the Coalition of Crown Albatross The list includes newspapers, television and radio broadcasters, and digital media outlets.


Title Country of origin Frequency Format Languages Owner Orientation Content Circulation
Zamastan The Tofino Times Zamastan Daily Broadsheet, Online Caticeze English ZSuites and Foresster Private broadcasting News 2.3 million
Kavyat Metropolitan Newspaper Durnstaal Daily Broadsheet, Online Caticeze English, Durnian Pokorny Publishing House Private Broadcasting News 1.1 million
Novada Central Post Durnstaal Daily Broadsheet, Online Caticeze English, Durnian O&K Publishing Private Broadcasting News 970,000
Mōningusutā Shinbun Ōrora Daily Broadsheet, Online Caticeze English, Ōroran The Mōningusutā Shinbun Company Private Broadcasting News 1.06 million

TV Broadcasting

Title Home Country Languages Content Daily Viewership
Durnianská Rozhlasová Spoločnosť Durnstaal Durnian, English Children's Programming, Reality Television, Talk Shows 2,870,000
Zamastan News Network Zamastan Caticeze-English News, Opinion, Talk Shows 12,870,000