List of languages (Iearth)

This is a list of all the spoken languages on Iearth as documented by the Coalition of Crown Albatross.


English is the most spoken language in the world, with more than 3.6 billion speakers. There are differing variants of speaking and spelling of English, including Caticeze-English (mostly spoken in the West Euronia/East Adula nations of Zamastan, Gladysynthia, Rio Palito, Baytonia, Skith, Durnstaal, and Quetana).

Luimnian Gaelic

Luminian Gaelic is a unique language within the world spoken to by less than 50 Million people across the world, has some english characteristics but is widely different, mainly spoken within the continent of Adula in Luimnigh.


Yuaneze is a West Ausianan language originating in Yuan. With over 1.2 billion speakers, it is predominately located in Western Ausiana and as immigrant/descendant families living across the world.


Drambenburgian is widely spoken in the Central Euronian region, originating in Drambenburg's highlands and being the main or one of the national languages of several nations and territories, including Avergnon, Tinten, and the Zamastanian Province of Aunistria. It is also located in major pockets across Iearth, with Styrae being the only country outside Euronia to have Drambenburgian as a national language. Other countries with significant populations of Drambenburgian speakers include Jefferson, Vulkaria, Birnir, and Cadair. The modern version of the language developed out of Middle High Drambenburgian around the 18th century. Through the 20th and early 21st centuries the language became standardized across Drambenburg and Styrae with the increased communication abilities through the radio, Television, and rise of the internet.


Durnian is a diverse East Adulan language with roughly 85 million speakers worldwide. It is the official language of Durnstaal. The modern language developed from Middle High Durnian in the 1700's which in turn developed from a variety of languages present throughout the lands which now make up Durnstaal. The language has many distinct dialects across Durnstaal and is the parent language of Charnek, considered by some to be one of the youngest languages in the world.


Beleroskovi is an West-Ausianan language, which is the official language of Beleroskov, as well as being widely used throughout the world, especially in nations that have significant 19th-20th century cooperation with Beleroskov.


Kyrgyz is a language mostly spoken in East Euronia by natives in and around Egilanak. It is the official language of Egilanak and all citizens are required to know the language. It is believed to be one of the oldest languages still spoken due to it first being known in the 1800's BCE and hasn't had most aspects changed since then.