List of bodies of water on Iearth

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The Albarine Sea coast in western Artegana, with the skyline of Illaque on the horizon.

This is a list of bodies of water on Iearth. It includes seawater bodies (such as oceans, (marginal) seas, various gulfs, bays, and straits), fresh water bodies (lakes and rivers), and man-made water bodies (such as canals).

Seawater bodies


Oceans cover most of the world's surface.



A gulf is a large area of an ocean or a sea bordered by coastline on three sides.


A bay is an area of a sea or other body of water bordered on three sides by a curved stretch of coastline or islands, usually smaller than a gulf.


A strait is a narrow passage of water that connects two larger bodies of water.

Fresh water bodies



Man-made water bodies


A canal is an artificially made channel of water used for navigation or irrigation.