Sancheon Gulf

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Sancheon Gulf
West Ausiana Maritime Map Satellite Image.png
LocationWest Ausiana
Basin countriesYuan, Kalea, Gangkou
List of cities

The Sancheon Gulf, sometimes referred to as the Sancheon Sea, the North Gangkou Sea, or the Kalean Sea is a marginal sea of the Eastern Cantalle Ocean, bound by western Ausiana with the basins of Yuan, Kalea, and Gangkou surrounding it, with connections to the Lengshan Gulf, Guanjan Sea, and Mitali Sea. The shores surrounding the Sancheon Gulf are among the most populated areas in the world, particularly in Yuan with the cities of Sancheon, Songnang, Gwadong, and others consisting of more than 60 million people.

It is a region of tremendous economic and geostrategic importance, as nearly a third of global maritime trade is shared between it and the Jinchon Sea areas. Huge oil and natural gas reserves are believed to lie beneath its seabed. It also contains lucrative fisheries, which are crucial for the food security of millions in Southwest Ausiana. Several contested territorial claims by nations has led to the ongoing Jinchon Sea crisis.




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