Headquarters of the Coalition of Crown Albatross

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Coalition of Crown Albatross Headquarters
CCA Headquarters Tofino.jpg
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical
LocationTofino,  Zamastan
Construction started15 June 1975
Completed9 November 1978
ClientCoalition of Crown Albatross
Design and construction
ArchitectGabriel P. Heeni

The Coalition of Crown Albatross is headquartered in Tofino, Zamastan, and located in the Embassy Row district, in a complex designed by a board of architects led by Gabriel P. Heeni, and built by the architectural firm Heeni Contract. The complex has served as the official headquarters of the Coalition since its completion in 1978.

The headquarters holds the seats of the principal organs of the Coalition, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the C.C.A. Secretariat, and the Justice Council.

Although it is situated in Tofino, the land occupied by the Headquarters and the spaces of buildings that it rents are under the sole administration of the Coalition and not the Zamastanian government. They are technically extraterritorial through a treaty agreement with the Zamastanian government. However, in exchange for local police, fire protection and other services, the Coalition agrees to acknowledge most local, state, and federal laws.