Konkurso Conflict

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Konkurso Conflict
Cadairian soldiers march through a town on Konkurso Island
Date7 August 2016 - present
Status Ongoing
Cadair Birnir
Casualties and losses
  • 19 killed
  • 23 injured
  • 87 killed
  • 204 injured
  • The Konkurso Conflict (7 August 2016 – Present), is an ongoing conflict between Cadair and Birnir, which started in response to Birnir's attempt to seize the Fisoj Marine Center, located in Fisoj on the island of Konkurso. The conflict has been fought exclusively with ground troops, with Cadair holding a large portion of the south and Birnir, holding the northern tip and islands, with a 30 mile neutral zone around the city of Fisoj.

    Binir and Cadair both claim Konkurso as a province, but there is no official border, with the people primarily governing themselves. Both nations wished to seize control of the Fisoj Marine Center, as it holds Iearth's largest population of the Syth Wasse, a critically endangered fish, previously found all over the Sea. The Cymry Government wishes to recreate a large population to reintroduce to their waters, while the Wasse is considered a delicacy in Birnir, and carries a high price. While the majority of the international community and the Coalition of Crown Albatross frowns on this practice, the Birnir government operates with a loophole in international law; it is illegal for people in Birnir to eat Wasse, but the large, mutated Sun Bears that populate the country are considered animals and are excused from the law.

    On 7 August, 2016, a Birnir military troop arrived in Fisoj to harvest the Wasse. The unit was ambushed by the Cyllellau, the Cymry special forces. Birnir was outraged by the loss of Birnese life and appealed to the international community, but as Cymry troops had held the area around the Fisoj Marine Center as a military base for months, Birnir was labeled the aggressor.



    Mediation attempts