Konkurso Conflict

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Konkurso Conflict
Cadairian soldiers march through a town on Konkurso Island
Date7 August 2016 - present
Status Ongoing
Cadair (2016-2020)
Pian Islands (2019-present)
(backed by Birnir)
Casualties and losses
  • 19 killed
  • 23 injured
  • 87 killed
  • 204 injured
  • The Konkurso Conflict (August 7th, 2016 – ongoing), is an ongoing conflict between the government of the Pian Islands, insurgents backed by Birnir, and multiple other armed factions, situated on the disputed Konkurso archipelago. Cadair's armed forces participated in the conflict until 2020. Peace deals have been signed between the P.I. government and two major armed groups, the Fisoj National Liberation Front (FNLF) and the Idris Spiritual Liberation Front (ISLF), but other smaller armed groups continue to exist. The conflict started in response to the FNLF's attempt to seize the Fisoj Marine Center, located in Fisoj on the northern island of Marredud, but the root cause of the conflict is associated in a long history of resistance by the Konkurso people against foreign rule, including the Cymry annexation of the archipelago in 1798; both armed and peaceful resistance against the Cymry and Pian Islands governments have persisted ever since.

    The Pian Islands provincial government in 2015 wished to reintroduce large populations of the Syth Wasse, a critically endangered fish previously found throughout all of the Konkurso Gulf and Pian Sea, back into the waters around the Konkurso archipelago, but Birnir's government considered the plan to be an infringement on their sovereignty due to the cultural importance of the fish in their religion. The FNLF insurgents wished to seize control of the Fisoj Marine Center, as it held the world's largest population of the Wasse. On August 7th, 2016, FNLF insurgents attacked the Marine Center but were repelled by Cymry special forces. Birnir's government appealed to the international community, but as insurgent guerilla attacks against Cymry forces and civilians alike escalated in the weeks following, the Cymry government was backed by many regional organizations like the Sotoan Basin Union.

    The conflict has been labeled by the CCA as a low-level insurgency, since there have been few civilian and military casualties alike. The conflict has been defined largely by civil unrest and demonstrations, with violent attacks being rare. The most notable clash was the seige of Opcona in 2018, which resulted in the deaths of 10 Cymry soldiers and 30 insurgents. In 2021, the Pian Islands held a referendum in which they achieved independence from Cadair and was later accepted into the Sotoan Basin Union, with much of the security situation being relegated to their forces. Despite Cadair's relinquishing of sovereignty over the islands, Konkurso remains disputed, as the governments of the Pian Islands and Birnir consider the archipelago as their province.



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