Hisrea War

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Hisrea War
Clockwise from top-left; Hisrea People's Liberation Front (HPLF) fighters in Guad; Zalluabedi government fighters; Huad after being seized by TTPA forces; the ZMS Monserrati on fire after being struck by a missile; HPLF fighters celebrate the Osea Accords; HPLF fighters mourn their fallen
DateOctober 15th, 2020 - August 13th, 2021
Result Peace Agreement: Osea Accords

TTPA Forces

HPLF and Allies

Commanders and leaders
  • King Farik al-Jamura
  • President Zayyaan al-Akhtar
  • President Nikolai Ubotrov
  • President Marian Dalaylou
  • Chancellor Walde Herzog
  • President Nikolai Cherdenko
  • Muaaid al-Salik
  • Ghassaan al-Obeid
  • Casualties and losses



    • 13,231 killed, 32,893 wounded
    10,000 + civilians killed

    The Hisrea War was an armed conflict between Zalluabed and its TTPA allies and the Hisrea People's Liberation Front which began in October of 2020 when the HPLF began seizing territory in Hisrea province. The war initially was low-level, but in December of 2020, the Hisrea People's Liberation Front (HPLF) seized many key towns and villages including Guad, sparking President Zayyaan al-Akhtar's decision to send government forces into the province to combat them. After the capture of Habu Daa on December 30th, the Royal Zalluabed Army began major operations to clear the HPLF, which started resulting in major loss of civilian life. International scrutiny surrounding the offensive ramped up, with Zamastanian Secretary of State Jessiah Vallotis calling it "a genocide in the making." After a Security Council resolution, Zalluabed government forces withdrew from Hisrea on April 19th, 2021. However, the HPLF rebounded and seized much of the province once again, and after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on President al-Akhtar by the HPLF, Zalluabedi forces with the backing of Beleroskov, Buckingla, and Kossmil began a new operation to push them back. Again facing international scrutiny, Drambenburgian observers were sent to mediate the conflict and ensure practical military conduct.

    On July 15th, a Zalluabedi fighter jet accidentally fired on a Zamastanian naval vessel, the ZMS Monserrati, killing 21 sailors and drawing heavy scrutiny from the international community. On July 20th, the city of Huad fell to government forces, but President al-Akhtar admitted that thousands of civilians had died in collateral damage during the week-long battle. From there, the conflict stagnated until August 8th, when President Aneya Raso of Timeria introduced peace negotiations for the government and insurgent forces. On August 13th, 2021, the conflict ended with the signing of the Osea Accords, which granted a power-sharing agreement where the HPLF would administer Hisrea province, the government would withdraw its forces, and the stipulation of continued diplomacy would be established.

    The war resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, including more than 2,000 government and TTPA troops killed, 13,230 HPLF fighters killed, and more than 10,000 civilians who were killed in the fighting. International opinion of the war was extremely negative; despite the wide international condemnation of the HPLF, the Zalluabedi government was also scrutinized for initially indiscriminate bombing.



    Osea Accords

    International reaction