Major City
The Rural City
Od wczoraj do jutra (From Yesterday to Tomorrow)
Incorporation Date1905
 • MayorBrunon Jaskowiac
 • Total3,573,000

Amarjel is a city in Durnstaal. Founded in 1572 as Fort Antkowiak, renamed Fort Kasandra in 1635, renamed Fort Amarjel in 1756, and incorporated as Amarjel in 1905. It is a hub for railroad and air traffic with a central spot on the Durnstaal Transnational Railway and one of three international airports in the country. As of 2020 the population was estimated at 3,573,000 residents, making it the nation's sixth largest city.

City Districts



Historical Buildings

The Crossroads Building: Former town hall, built in 1832 and retired in 1956. Named after the placeholder name the architect wrote on the floorplans while a name was still being decided on. Currently a museum showcasing the history of the city.


Amarjel International Gallery: The city's most popular art museum; focuses mainly on the work of foreign painters.

Sakovich Hall: The center of government for the city. Built in 1956 to replace The Crossroads Building. Named after Edmund Sakovich, the mayor responsible for convincing the government to run the Durnstaal Transnational Railway through Amarjel.

Woronoff International Airport: Durnstaal's largest and most modern airport. Built in 2005.

Professional Teams

Amarjel Trudgers: Amarjel's professional soccer team. Member of the Einhelt League and annual participant in the Einhelt League Championship. Named after a colloquial term for an inexperienced lumberjack, alluding to the city's past as a logging town.


Amarjel is considered by many, both within and outside of the city, to be a "rural city'. The city's quick growth from a small logging town to a major trade center in under a century created a unique mix of traditional values and modern ideas unlike those found in other population centers. Despite this, the city is still firmly conservative, unlike many of the other population centers which have large liberal populations.


Amarjel is a major transport hub and center of commerce with strong information infrastructure and a thriving information industry. Manufacturing in the city is diverse with heavy emphasis on furniture, construction supplies, and electronic infrastructure. A large number of software companies, including video game developer Knuckle Cracker and information security firm NetAlert, are based out of the city. AKA University, one of Durnstaal's oldest and most prestigious universities, is located within the city.