Minor City
Incorporation Date1899
 • MayorAlek Callovic
 • Total2,480,000

Durenko is a city in Durnstaal. Founded in 1689 as Duernenko and incorporated in 1899 as Durenko. It is an important hub for cargo and passengers passing through Piva and Kavyat. A population of 2,480,000 as of 2020 makes it the nation's ninth largest city.

City Districts



Historical Buildings

Roundhouse 101: A train roundhouse constructed in 1854 and turned into a museum in 1933.


Obr východu: An massive oak tree estimated to be over 5000 years old. Currently located within the National Conservatory, which was built around it.

Professional Teams

Durenko Rocs: Durenko's professional soccer team. Member of the Einhelt League and annual participant in the Einhelt League Championship.


One of the youngest cities in Durnstaal and positioned between three of the nation's largest cities, Durenko has become a multicultural center with many immigrants and tourists. The city has been characterized by near constant growth since the 1980's and it continues to expand with many estimates predicting it will surpass New Dunasova in population by 2022.


Construction and manufacturing form major parts of the city's economy with a heavy emphasis on finished goods such as glassware, rubber products, and consumer goods. Tourism is a major industry as well, especially during spring and summer, when the city services on average 10.5 million visitors.