Embassy Row (Zamastan)

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Embassy Row
Diplomatic District of International Embassies
Diplomatic District
The Headquarters Building of the Coalition of Crown Albatross in Embassy Row, Tofino, Zamastan.
Flag of Embassy Row
Official seal of Embassy Row

Embassy Row is the informal name for a diplomatic exclusive district in Tofino, Zamastan dedicated to embassies, ambassador residences and offices of foreign governments from across Iearth. Visiting dignataries, whether on diplomatic visits on behalf of their national leaders or attending Coalition of Crown Albatross sessions at the headquarters, also located in the district, have residencies in this district. Nearby neighborhoods, such as Kingston and Belles, also host offices or private residences for foreign governments.


There are four sub-districts within Embassy Row. There are varying streets and infrastructure which also varies in terms of how large each embassies' staff is. The sub-districts are;

  • Whitefield Street
  • Hapson Gardens
  • Abotsford Park
  • Mamba District

Whitefield Street

One of the complexes of the Whitefield Street embassies

Whitefield Street contains the embassies of:

Country Embassy Ambassador To Ambassador From Notes
Gladysynthia Embassy of Gladysynthia, Tofino Amadou Durand Josiah Martin Closed from 1937-1954, and again from 1968-2018. Reopened in 2019
Arenoran Isles Embassy of the Arenoran Isles, Tofino Aaron Jacquard
Unified Sera Embassy of Unified Sera, Tofino Michel Derocles ?
Timeria Embassy of Timeria, Tofino Thierry Arloma ?
Mulfulira Embassy of Mulfulira, Tofino Ernest Allaire Hamal Fellag
Greland Embassy of Greland, Tofino Edmond Jauffret Jonnes Rasmurson
Peoratia Embassy of Peoratia, Tofino Olivia Gouin Souleymanou Houmma Closed from 1981-91 during the Peoratia civil war
Jaginistan Embassy of Jaginistan, Tofino Lilian Astier Faheed al-Zahari closed from 1982-93 during the Jaginistan Civil War
Alecburgh Embassy of Alecburgh, Tofino Georges Cahun Josh Narrow
Cyruda Embassy of Cyruda, Tofino Caro Landry Zhembolet Yunuh
Murzi Embassy of Murzi, Tofino Claudia Parry Hugues Bruguière
Ossinia Embassy of Ossinia, Tofino Annette Le Tonnelier Aaron De Villepin closed from 1985-2020, reopened following overthrow and arrest of Martin Saint-Yves
Syraranto Embassy of Syraranto, Tofino Simone Rodier Rahimat Seghir closed since August 12th, 2020, with the onset of the Second Syraranto Civil War; Ambassadors and diplomats meet at the headquarters complex of the C.C.A.
Yubonia Embassy of Yubonia, Tofino Felix Butler Amaury Laurens
Sulifa Embassy of Sulifa, Tofino Lennon Harper Rahman Brahimi
Togaria Embassy of Togaria, Tofino Parker Young Ghassan Ayache
Qolaysia Embassy of Qolaysia, Tofino Valentin Boudon Zafir Hamina
Versenia Embassy of Versenia, Tofino Phil Marchand Renate Lingenfelter
Elborra Embassy of Elborra, Tofino Kyle Atkinson Jan Schroth
Saint Offeat Embassy of Saint Offeat, Tofino Franck Gounelle Ralf Faulhaber

Hapson Gardens

One of the complexes of the Hapson Gardens embassies

Hapson Gardens contains the embassies of:

Country Embassy Ambassador To Ambassador From Notes
Vulkaria Embassy of Vulkaria, Tofino Jake Webb Endre Boler
Kyti Embassy of Kyti, Tofino Raymond Bellegarde Eivind Espe
Besmenia Embassy of Besmenia, Tofino Catherine Deshais Klaudia Bechmann West Besmenian embassy closed in 1924. Embassy of the Federal Republic has been open since 1928.
Ruskayn Embassy of Ruskayn, Tofino Skylar Hunter Åge Haraldsen
Birnir Embassy of Birnir, Tofino Franck Beaufils David Arntzen
East Chanchajilla Embassy of East Chanchajilla, Tofino Johnnie Hudson Sergio Pastor
Beatavic Embassy of Beatavic, Tofino Shirley McMahon Peet Hermelink
Yuan Embassy of Yuan, Tofino Christopher Devereaux Xiao Wuying
Latilli Embassy of Latilli, Tofino Jake Webb Riccardo Donati
Verdusa Embassy of Verdusa, Tofino Tracey Maxwell Sergi Montes
Durnstaal Embassy of Durnstaal, Tofino Olivia Bruneau Kaleb Blanke
Emmiria Embassy of Emmiria, Tofino Matthieu Sylvestre Badraan el-Hosein
Somodi Embassy of Somodi, Tofino Junior Ward Odchigin Abaga
Iobaray Embassy of Iobaray, Tofino Noah Robertson Pau Mesonero
Alluna Embassy of Alluna, Tofino Charlotte Gray Vincent Heilprin
Vuswistan Embassy of Vuswistan, Tofino Edwin John Kasym Yandarbiyev
Ascacia Embassy of Ascacia, Tofino Ruben Walker Adam Rädler
Utobania Embassy of Utobania, Tofino Trinity Dillon Alexander Mahler
New Anea Embassy of New Anea, Tofino Constantin Jacquet Liam Priesner
Saudi Jiddiya Embassy of Saudi Jiddiya, Tofino Laurent Robineau Mohammed Firsa closed from 1990-98, spanning the Jiddiyan Civil War until its acceptance by the Coalition of Crown Albatross
Buckingla Embassy of Buckingla, Tofino Dimitri Genet Dhaahir al-Rasheed
Zalluabed Embassy of Zalluabed, Tofino Stefan Barrett Jumail al-Fares Closed and reopened numerous times; 1944, 1951, 1977, 1991, 1993, 2000, 2003, and most recently in 2021 during the Hisrea War.
Alcarres Embassy of Alcarres, Tofino Celia Bernier Marin Balog
Kuresa Embassy of Kuresa, Tofino Keith Shaffer Vanja Biloglav
New Elkland Embassy of New Elkland, Tofino Vincent Sawyer Marcel Meusburger

Abbotsford Park

One of the complexes of the Abbotsford Park embassies

Abotsford Park contains the embassies of:

Country Embassy Ambassador To Ambassador From Notes
Cadair Embassy of Cadair, Tofino Edgar Delafose Gryffyn Harvey
Drambenburg Embassy of Drambenburg, Tofino Basile Lambert Josef Ehlers
Tervali Islands Embassy of the Tervali Islands, Tofino Aurore Boulanger Adam Frey
Paraboca Embassy of Paraboca, Tofino Hunter Russell Netuno Luz
D.S.C. Embassy of the DSC, Tofino No ambassador No ambassador Only partially functioning; most diplomatic relations are non-existant
Quetana Embassy of Quetana, Tofino Tanner Whitehead Carlos Amorim
Kossmil Embassy of Kossmil, Tofino Harris Allaway Nikita Kaganovich
Skith Embassy of Skith, Tofino Benjamin Wagner Treave Trelease First embassy opened in Zamastan in 1811. Closed from 1824-26, 1830-36, and 1980-82.
Beleroskov Embassy of Beleroskov, Tofino Marc Anouilh Vladamir Timotev closed from 1986-1999
Constantio Embassy of Constantio, Tofino Henry Marchand Dewi Townsend
Austrolis Embassy of Austrolis, Tofino Aude Astier Sam Maurer
Caspiaa Embassy of Caspiaa, Tofino Robert Hutchinson Jonas Bakker
Rumaztria Embassy of Rumaztria, Tofino Estienne Jaccoud Iosua Lotulelei
Lutharia Embassy of Lutharia, Tofino Antonio Murphy Inge Heimark
Siniapore Embassy of Siniapore, Tofino Norbert Leavitt Kaisara Asau
Great Epsilon Embassy of Great Epsilon, Tofino No ambassador No ambassador closed since 2004
Albarine Embassy of Albarine, Tofino Julien Boudon Marcel Trottier
Saint Croix and Bens Embassy of Saint Croix and Bens, Tofino Alexandre Lefeuvre Ammar Benyamina
Nebetia Embassy of Nebetia, Tofino Sylvain Haillet Hashim Morceli
Andaluni Embassy of Andaluni, Tofino Martin Bowman Ivan Noss
Alonnisosa Embassy of Alonnisosa, Tofino Denis Bennett Jon Schou
West Chanchajilla Embassy of West Chanchajilla, Tofino Mark Trenholm Teo Cantero Closed in 2008, reopened in 2021 at the conclusion of the Chanchajilla War.

Mamba District

One of the complexes of the Mamba District embassies

The Mamba District embassies are the newest addition to the Embassy Row district, with most buildings being constructed in the early 2010s. Many nations relocated from their previous embassy sites in Abbotsford Park to take residence in the more modern, individualistic structures. Mamba District contains the embassies of:

Country Embassy Ambassador To Ambassador From Notes
Avergnon Embassy of Avergnon, Tofino Camille Dufresne Amaury Laurens
San Martina Embassy of San Martina, Tofino Victor Derocles ?
Haduastan Embassy of Haduastan, Tofino Oscar Spillett ?
Artaska Embassy of Artaska, Tofino Jacob Dunstan Philip Buckner
Barangadesh Embassy of Barangadesh, Tofino Clement Pascoe ?
Caruban Embassy of Caruban, Tofino Hamilton Blissett ?
Slavic Union Embassy of the Slavic Union, Tofino Sam Palmer Vasya Nikolaev
Tasiastan Embassy of Tasiastan, Tofino Hubert Knife Aaba Paradesh
Cechena Embassy of Cechena, Tofino Aubrey Flinders ?
Nual Embassy of Nual, Tofino Isaac Harston ?
Selle Embassy of Selle, Tofino Winston Brandom ?
United Cavollon Embassy of United Cavollon, Tofino Howard Lipman ?
Costa Sarba Embassy of Costa Sarba, Tofino Christopher Dimmick ?
Janapa Embassy of Janapa, Tofino Brinley Rogers ?
Tine Embassy of Tine, Tofino Percy Chesterman ?
Arenacia Embassy of Arenacia, Tofino Claude Outen ?
Acdia Embassy of Acdia, Tofino Dugald Luker ?
Chaesia Embassy of Chaesia, Tofino Arthur Fossey ?
Shoassau Embassy of Shoassau, Tofino Louis Bouchard Gilbert George
Blaoria Ralph Scott ?
Dasmistan Leonard Reddish ?
Muprueburg Wilfred Aldworth ?
Zastaland Ernest Fisher ?
Khaytan Finlay Brant ?
Vitosium Kevin Beauchamp Joseph Vianelli
Serra Leon Elijah Jephson ?
Karabakhi Claud Bird ?
Wyomia Timothy Rosewall ?
Lovinali Amos Bartlett ?
Candatora Levi Levene ?
Artegana Norman Harrison Alexander Brading
Lillestola Eric Dadson ?
Ossotia Leo Pascoe ?
Jyau Israel Harding Allen Dupree
Nancaya Jim Huskinson ?
Oeslia Edmund Tonkin ?
Elbresia Thomas Marshall Allan Trevarthen
Ivite Alexander Brading Felix Semmens
North Shebat Harold Foster ?
South Shebat Bryn Sandow ?

Embassy Regulations

1. Embassy Plot, Staff, Mobility

a. The Zamastanian Government holds authority over the rejection or application of any foreign nation in any of the embassy grounds

b. The embassies will remain under governance of the soil of the sovereign nation currently using it.

c. Aircraft or sea-craft belonging to foreign dignitaries will be stored at the nearest port of entry unless ordered otherwise by the Zamastanian government.

d. Before entering Zamastanian soil, all members of the Foreign Diplomatic Mission will be subject to security checks at airports, seaports, or other ports of entry.

e. Each embassy is reserved to no more than the specified number of security personal, weaponry, and vehicles, as distinguished per district;

  • Whitefield Street - 45 Security Personnel, 55 Small arms, 4 semi-automatic rifles, 12 ground-vehicles, 3 air vehicles
  • Hapson Gardens - 45 Security Personnel, 55 Small arms, 4 semi-automatic rifles, 10 ground-vehicles, 3 air vehicles
  • Abbotsford Park - 32 Security Personnel, 40 Small arms, 2 semi-automatic rifles, 10 ground-vehicles, 3 air vehicles
  • Mamba District - 30 Security Personnel, 40 Small arms, 2 semi-automatic rifles, 8 ground-vehicles, 2 air vehicles

2. Diplomatic Immunity

a. Diplomatic Immunity shall be extended towards all Embassy Staff.

b. Diplomatic Immunity shall consist of the following:

b.i Freedom from arrest and/or detention.

b.ii Freedom from prosecution.

b.iii Freedom from being issued a subpoena.

b.iv Diplomatic Immunity shall not extend to the following:

c. Tickets issued for traffic and/or public order incidents.

d Freedom from being subject to a warrant to enter the Embassy.

3. Restricted Substance

a. Various drug substances are illegal in Zamastan. Embassy Staff found entering Zamastan with illicit drugs will have the prohibited substances confiscated. Other sanctions may apply.

b. Animals are permitted, provided a licence for them is obtained from the Zamastanian Government. The Zamastanian Government reserve the right to reject or approve any licence request.

c. Any plants or plant-like substances brought into Zamastan by Embassy Staff are subject to inspection. Any substance found to be dangerous or a risk to Zamastan will be confiscated. Other sanctions may apply.

International Relations

Zamastan (blue) and their allies (dark blue), neutral states (yellow), threats (orange), and enemies (red) as of 2019.

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