Embassy Row (Zamastan)

Embassy Row is a district in Tofino, Zamastan dedicated to ambassador residences and offices of foreign governments.


There are four sub-districts within Embassy Row. There are varying streets and infrastructure which also varies in terms of how large each embassies' staff is. The sub-districts are;

  • Whitefield Street
  • Hapson Gardens
  • Abotsford Park
  • Old Town

Whitefield Street

File:Whitefield street.jpg
Whitefield Street Embassies

Whitefield Street contains the embassies of:

Hapson Gardens

File:Hapson gardens.jpg
Hapson Gardens Embassies

Hapson Gardens contains the embassies of:

Abbotsford Park

File:Abbotsford park.jpg
Abbotsford Park Embassies

Abotsford Park contains the embassies of:

Old Town

Old Town Embassies

Old Town contains the embassies of:


The nations with embassies in Tofino include;

Embassy Regulations

1. Embassy Plot, Staff, Mobility

a. The Zamastanian Government holds authority over the rejection or application of any foreign nation in any of the embassy grounds

b. The embassies will remain under governance of the soil of the sovereign nation currently using it.

c. Aircraft or sea-craft belonging to foreign dignitaries will be stored at the nearest port of entry unless ordered otherwise by the Zamastanian government.

d. Before entering Zamastanian soil, all members of the Foreign Diplomatic Mission will be subject to security checks at airports, seaports, or other ports of entry.

e. Each embassy is reserved to no more than the specified number of security personal, weaponry, and vehicles, as distinguished per district;

  • Whitefield Street - 15 Security Personnel, 25 Small arms, 4 semi-automatic rifles, 12 ground-vehicles, 3 air vehicles
  • Hapson Gardens - 15 Security Personnel, 25 Small arms, 4 semi-automatic rifles, 10 ground-vehicles, 3 air vehicles
  • Abbotsford Park - 12 Security Personnel, 20 Small arms, 2 semi-automatic rifles, 10 ground-vehicles, 3 air vehicles
  • Old Town - 10 Security Personnel, 20 Small arms, 2 semi-automatic rifles, 8 ground-vehicles, 2 air vehicles

2. Diplomatic Immunity

a. Diplomatic Immunity shall be extended towards all Embassy Staff.

b. Diplomatic Immunity shall consist of the following:

b.i Freedom from arrest and/or detention.

b.ii Freedom from prosecution.

b.iii Freedom from being issued a subpoena.

b.iv Diplomatic Immunity shall not extend to the following:

c. Tickets issued for traffic and/or public order incidents.

d Freedom from being subject to a warrant to enter the Embassy.

3. Restricted Substance

a. Various drug substances are illegal in Zamastan. Embassy Staff found entering Zamastan with illicit drugs will have the prohibited substances confiscated. Other sanctions may apply.

b. Animals are permitted, provided a licence for them is obtained from the Zamastanian Government. The Zamastanian Government reserve the right to reject or approve any licence request.

c. Any plants or plant-like substances brought into Zamastan by Embassy Staff are subject to inspection. Any substance found to be dangerous or a risk to Zamastan will be confiscated. Other sanctions may apply.

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